Let’s Bounce – The Marble It Update!

Let’s Bounce
August 5 –

Wow. We’ve had over 100 Newsletters (some on releases and various topics) – so…

Time for an upgrade?

This week, we celebrate and give the gift of GIFs. World Record? GIF. Weekly Challenge? GIF. Seeing the Bounce surface in action for the first time? GIF. Let’s have some fun. Let’s bounce!

Weekly Challenge: Rebound

See that modifier in the info above? Bounce Force? Yeah – there’s some fitting foreshadowing for a future fan favorite feature. This week, get another taste of the joy of bouncing in a couple of tougher levels – who knows if they’ll be as tough as last week’s challenge? Speaking of…

Last Week’s Challenge: Mega Marble

What an interesting challenge week – we battled with Vertigo and broke the speed cap in Olympus! Olympus was was even fast enough to have a replay. Boom. Mega Marble = best marble.

snwboardr1987 – 00:08.556

Hatchet – 00:16.367

SkullFire58 – 00:13.126

Centripetal Force
CMurder – 00:10.057

Hatchet – 00:55.381

World Record!

We had a tight race this week between Catzs and Elomith for the world record on Platinum Playground. Along with a series of RTA races and runs, this week brought an update to the full-game speedrun standings with Hatchet taking 3rd place!

Platinum Playground
Catzs – 00:20.562

Let’s Bounce

Many of you guessed correctly several weeks ago when we first showed Conduit – a level with high Time Travel gates and no apparent Super Jumps. We’ll be showing more uses of the bounce surface in the coming weeks – but here’s our first look at it in action on Tossed About!

Until we bounce again!

Marble Collective


  1. I missed this game at release ddue to the smallish amount of content, but it’s so cool to see how hard you all have worked to make the game richer and much more enjoyable! I’m going to pick this game up soon and potentially get it for my friends once online hits!


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