Rebounce – The Marble It Update!

– August 12 –

This week, more GIFs! The Superball challenge returns, a world record is improved, and we show off some slick bounce + mega marble interaction. Buckle up!

Weekly Challenge: Superball

In this week’s Superball challenge, we’re learning to roll… so expect a super frame battle! We can also fly through Big Easy, Triple Divide, and Platinum Playground – it’s gonna be Epoch!

Last Week’s Challenge: Rebound

Another bounce-tastic challenge!

Sugar Rush
Atham – 00:14.850

Off Kilter
Atham – 00:23.723

Sun Spire
snwboardr1987 – 00:20.438

Newton’s Cradle
snwboardr1987 – 00:12.229

Platinum Playground
Atham – 01:11.374

World Record!

Elomith and Catzs continue the battle over Platinum Playground this week with 4 improvements to the record!

Platinum Playground
Catzs – 00:18.688

Mosh Pit

Bounce surfaces on walls? Get ready for a multiplayer experience full of controlled chaos on Mosh Pit! A bounce surface ring lines the edge of this relatively small map – and the inner rings are filled with power-ups… with the team King of the Hill mode returning – we’re glad there’s a heap of Mega Marbles to go around!

Next week, we’ll drop even more info on what’s in store for the next update!

Bye, for now!

Marble Collective

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