… Spend Points – The Marble It Update!

… Spend Points
– August 26 –

This week, air control returns, we see a new world record, another sweep happens, a GIF shows some new update details and…
we start our curriculum in Marblenomics from the MIUniversity.

The Mega Update is on its way to Marble It Up: Mayhem! – time to learn more about it.

Class is in session!

Weekly Challenge: Air Control

For this week’s challenge – we’re bending some air. Corner hits, precise air control movement, and all the makings of a ‘the floor is lava’ throwback. Let’s fly!

Last Week’s Challenge: Fast Forward

Wave Pool
snwboardr1987 – 00:03.472

Thread the Needle
snwboardr1987 – 00:19.493

Totally Tubular
snwboardr1987 – 00:05.144

snwboardr1987 – 00:12.352

snwboardr1987 – 00:06.644

World Record!

We have one new record this week on Speedball!

Pinguin – 00:06.353


Marblenomics 101

Time for some news – as part of the Mega Update, we’re introducing Shards as an in-game currency reward. Hello, a marbillion questions! Let’s roll with the basics for now:

What are Shards used for?
Shards are used to unlock cosmetic items you choose from the newly redesigned ‘My Marble’ cosmetics screen. Trails, hats, and marbles all have varying costs depending on how complex they are and how difficult their other unlock method is (if applicable).
Many cosmetics will be unlockable by achievements/trophies OR by spending Shards. Some cosmetics will still be achievement-unlock only — Shards can’t buy everything!

How do I earn Shards?
Short answer: By playing the game however you want to!
Long answer: Single Player, Multiplayer, and Weekly Challenges all reward Shards. Shards can only be earned by playing the game!

Let’s look at Single Player as an example. You’ll earn Shards for:
– Completing the level for the first time
– Earning Silver, Gold, and Diamond for the first time (they stack, so don’t worry about slowing yourself down to get them in order)
– A daily completion bonus (per level)
– Each completion (scaled based on level length)
*Special Note: If you use Shards to purchase a cosmetic that is unlocked by a Trophy – you’ll receive a 50% refund when you collect that Trophy for the first time.

And that wraps up today’s lesson in Marblenomics. The best part?

No homework! Enjoy your week.

Marble Collective

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