Prep Time – The Marble It Update!

Prep Time
– September 23 –

We’re (almost) back! Today’s newsletter recaps the last two weeks of challenges and records (of which there are a LOT) AND we recap the release of the Mega Update!

Let’s roll!

Weekly Challenge: Steelie

This week, the Steelie challenge returns! Master the basics on Learning to Roll, then apply them on on Great Wall and Thread the Needle! Things sure are getting heavy…

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Learning to Jump
snwboardr1987 – 00:07.318

Elevator Action
snwboardr1987 – 00:20.704

Icy Ascent
snwboardr1987 – 00:08.909

Totally Tubular
snwboardr1987 – 00:18.781

snwboardr1987 – 00:16.003

The Week’s Challenge Before That: Double Jump

Over the Garden Wall
snwboardr1987 – 00:08.484

Sun Spire
Elomith – 00:19.951

Stayin’ Alive
snwboardr1987 – 00:13.474

snwboardr1987 – 00:02.744

The Pit of Despair
snwboardr1987 – 00:08.743

World Records!

Look what happens when we take a break? A staggering amount of records break! This is some Marble Madness!

The Mop – 02:02.593

Onward and Upward
Spacekitty – 00:04.763

Thread the Needle
Catzs – 00:30.987

Four Stairs
SpKi – 00:08.412

Spacekitty – 00:16.877

Stay Frosty
snwboardr1987 – 00:10.245

Crystalline Matrix
snwboardr1987 – 00:03.431

Learning to Turn
snwboardr1987 – 00:04.379

snwboardr1987 – 00:03.798

Platinum Playground
Spacekitty – 00:17.247

Warp Core
Spacekitty – 00:21.194

Danger Zone
Spacekitty – 00:31.509

Mega Update Release and Recap!

Last Thursday night, the Mega Update released on Apple Arcade!
You can take a look at the patch notes post here: Mega Update Patch Notes
And you can play the changes yourself on your Apple Arcade device of choice by tapping/clicking the fresh new icon below!

We’ll be back next week to Marble It Up some more!

Marble Collective

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