Marble It Up: Mayhem! (Apple Arcade) – Mega Update Patch Notes

Mega Update Patch Notes
– September 17 –

It’s here! The Mega Update is now available for Marble It Up: Mayhem! on Apple Arcade! You can read through the patch notes below. You can also click our updated icon below and see the changes for yourself in-game!

— General —

  • Follows the marble’s motion to allow players to complete most levels with no need for manual camera control
  • Can always be overridden by manual camera control
  • Automatically looks down when falling downward
  • Can be turned on/off in the pause menu and in settings

Rewind / Practice Mode

  • Tap and hold the game clock to rewind
  • You cannot earn medals or trophies when you use rewind
  • Can be turned on/off in settings


  • Checkpoints can be reactivated when your gem count changes
  • Levels can have numbered checkpoints to prevent losing progress
  • Checkpoints are now gravity-aware and cannot be activated when off-kilter


  • Field of view now adjusts to show more of your surroundings on non-ultrawide displays (iPad, AppleTV, and pre-iPhone X)


  • Many controller button tooltip fixes


  • Hint text now appears on the loading screen

— Cosmetics —
Major Interface Update!

  • Paginated cosmetic view can be swiped
  • Drag on marble to rotate view
  • Shard purchase interface shows your balance, cost of item, and option to purchase those that can be purchased
  • Purchase confirmation dialog
  • Improved display of cosmetic visuals

Unlock Interface Update

  • Trophies now reveal their contents immediately
  • You can equip your new prize mid-level

Earn and Spend Shards

  • Earn Shards for playing the game
  • Spend Shards to unlock most cosmetics
  • Select Cosmetics are limited to their achievements and cannot be purchased
  • First-time completion and daily plays earn more Shards
  • Finding a trophy after purchasing its contents refunds 50% of Shards spent

70+ New Cosmetics

  • New Marbles
  • New Trails
  • New Hats

— Single Player —
New Content

  • 22 new levels
  • 28 updated levels
  • 16 new achievements


  • Extends the pick up radius for power-ups and gems
  • Added to both old and new maps

Bounce Surface

  • Launches the marble into the air on contact
  • Added to both old and new maps


  • All chapters have seen a re-order and overall restructuring
  • Chapter 1 focuses on an improved learning experience
  • Players who started before this update will have access to every chapter that contains a levels that they have completed

Bonus Chapters

  • Consolidated into 4 full chapters of 12 levels each
  • Bonus chapters now unlock based on total Gold Medals (15 medals per chapter)
  • Now extends to the left of Chapter 1 on Chapter Select
  • All bonus chapters now have completion achievements

End of Level Screen

  • Improved to smoothly transition to show score, Shard earnings, and allow direct access to Cosmetic screen


  • These levels have been archived and are no longer in the game (but may come back in Weekly Challenges). Their leaderboards have been archived in GameCenter.
    • Bump in the Night
    • Lift
    • Precious Gems
    • Transit
  • These levels have been replaced by new, updated versions that require a new leaderboard. The old leaderboards have been archived in GameCenter:
    • Apogee
    • Braid
    • Cirrus
    • Energy
    • Full Speed Ahead
    • Glacier
    • Ice Cube
    • Into the Arctic
    • Learning to Jump
    • Medieval Machinations
    • Mobius Madness
    • Mount Marblius
    • Over the Garden Wall
    • Overclocked
    • Platinum Playground
    • Ribbon
    • Rosen Bridge
    • Stay Frosty
    • Stepping Stones
    • Treasure Trove
    • Wave Pool
    • Zeus’ Playing Grounds

— Multiplayer —
Mega Marble

  • New power-up
  • Substantially increases your marble’s size and mass for 10 seconds
  • Smash your opponents into the stratosphere

Multiplayer HUD

  • Added persistent reminder of your current objective
  • Improved mini scoreboard to show more relevant and clear information
  • You now access the full screen scoreboard by tapping the mini scoreboard


  • Free-For-All tag mode where each player has a different target
  • Blast your target before somebody else does (while being chased yourself)

King of the Hill

  • Team-based territory control mode
  • Unable to use blast while in zone: power-ups and marble collisions win the day here


  • Jumphouse (Brand New)
  • Mosh Pit (Brand New)
  • Arcadia (Updated with Bounce Surface)
  • Mega Marble power-ups added to all levels


  • Earn Shards for every multiplayer match
  • Earn bonus Shards for your first 5 rounds each day

— Weekly Challenges —
Updated for New Content/Features

  • Utilize levels from the full new single player list


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