A Quick Break – The Marble It Update!

A Quick Break
– September 9 –

This week, we double our jumps, see some world records break, and we take a break ourselves!

It’s a speedrun this week. Let’s roll.

Weekly Challenge: Double Jump

Buy one jump, get one free. This week’s challenge has a big focus on Chapter 5 levels – so use the double jump to Show Us What You Got!

Last Week’s Challenge: Bowling

Super Jump
snwboardr1987 – 00:03.625

Full Speed Ahead
snwboardr1987 – 00:04.861

River Vantage
CMurder – 00:23.317

Time Capsule
Elomith – 00:04.139

Uphill Both Ways
steeIow – 00:27.412

World Records!

Spacekitty – 00:03.317

Spacekitty – 00:22.965

The Pit of Despair
Spacekitty – 00:16.579

A Quick Break

The Marble team has been hard at work over the last few months, getting ready for the release of the Mega Update on Apple Arcade. Over the last few weeks we’ve shown many aspects of the update – auto camera, check point updates, the shard economy, level updates, the bounce surface, and oh so much more!
The team will be taking a much-deserved break in anticipation of the update’s release, coming soon (and with its own patch notes post, don’t forget)!

We’ll also be taking a week break from the Marble It Update Newsletter, so you can expect the next regular Newsletter on Wednesday, September 23!

Till next time! Also check out a sneak peek of the upcoming level, Zenith, below!

Marble Collective

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