Choose Your Flavor – The Marble It Update!

Choose Your Flavor
– October 14 –

This week, the community starts to choose the name for the ice cream marble, we follow the path, and we look at some more broken records. Time to roll!

Let’s go get some ice cream!

Weekly Challenge: Follow the Path

This week’s challenge adds a slight deviation from the typical routes on these maps. A nudge here, a broken WR route there… Small changes can go a long way this week, so good luck following the path!

Last Week’s Challenge: Tortoise

What a line up of challenge winners!

Over the Garden Wall
t10dimensional – 00:12.312

Sugar Rush
Hatchet – 00:14.869

Totally Tubular
t10dimensional – 00:20.200

Dire Straits
AndyC – 00:33.032

Diamond in the Sky
Atham – 00:46.429

World Records

Danger Zone
Catzs – 00:30.542

SpKi – 00:36.294

Bumper Invasion
SpKi – 00:15.298

Diamond in the Sky
Catzs – 00:37.066

Choose your Flavor!

Name suggestions are closed and voting is now open! You can follow the link there or in the official Discord. Pick your favorite names in order of how much you like them!

Who will win? We’ll announce the winner the week after next!

Go vote for your favorite name!

Marble Collective

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