Slip and Slide – The Marble It Update!

Slip and Slide
– October 21 –

More world records this week, we slip and slide our way toward Halloween, and the window to vote starts to close for the marble naming contest! What other secrets lay in store? Read on to find out…

Weekly Challenge: Slip and Slide

Patience, speed, luck – all things you’ll need to maneuver this week’s challenge set. Careful on the curves – you’ll need to plan ahead to combat low friction! Best of luck, rollers.

Last Week’s Challenge: Follow the Path

Congrats to Atham for a sweep! Maybe we should call it ‘Follow the Patham’?

Sun Spire
Atham – 00:44.039

Dire Straits
Atham – 00:25.226

Uphill Both Ways
Atham – 00:39.651

The Pit of Despair
Atham – 00:35.803

Platinum Playground
Atham – 00:45.373

World Records!

Two world records this week! One too long to record, the other short enough to _almost_ fit the whole thing in the gif above. What level will have a new champion next?

Hatchet – 02:02.372

SpKi – 00:19.955

Last Chance to Vote!

Next week, the winner will be revealed! If you haven’t yet voted – now is the time! You can change the course of marble and ice cream history by voting for your favorite name, here.

Till next week – where we’ll see a new marble!

Marble Collective

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