I Scream, You Scream – The Marble It Update!

I Scream, You Scream
– October 28 –

We enter the spookiest of weeks,
Reveal a name that everyone seeks
To see how the discord voted
On ice cream oft-promoted,
And see more marble sneak peeks!

Weekly Challenge: Beach Ball

Modifiers to bend the game’s reality
Around for limited time – the finality!
A fantasy out of reach:
A floaty ball on a beach
Suppose we start with Duality?

Last Week’s Challenge: Slip and Slide

Totally Tubular
AndyC – 00:18.227

Retrograde Rally
Sevadra – 00:37.728

Diamond in the Sky
Sevadra – 00:38.935

Newton’s Cradle
Sevadra – 00:34.343

Hatchet – 02:03.542

World Records

UmbraSonset – 00:15.721

Big Easy
Hatchet – 00:30.497

Hatchet – 02:02.344

Catzs – 00:19.931

Precious Gems
SpKi – 00:14.021

SpKi – 00:35.680

Centripetal Force
SpKi – 00:08.868

The Winning Name!

Oh – how the options did vary…
What to call this ice cream with cherry?
Marble Delight came in second
(Good flavor text, I reckon)
The winner of our contest? Legendairy

Trick or Treat!

We show two marbles not yet prepared,
A dangerous duo with debts unsquared.
A watchful eye,
One should be pie
So we’re all a wee bit scared!

Happy Halloween!

Monster Collective

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