Build – The Marble It Update!

– November 11 –

This week, we control the ground, look at how our challengers fared against the throwback challenge, and check out some new world records. A community and Mayhem! level builder also shares their insights on how to start building!

Gotta roll them marbles, folks.

Weekly Challenge: Ground Control

Hop to it! This challenge is 1 part speed, 1 part pathfinding, and 1 part ‘I sure hope I can make this tiny jump’. Who will find the quickest path in this week’s Ground Control challenge? We can’t wait to find out!

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Last week’s challenge was a throwback from the very first week of the Challenge Update. How did the recent challengers compare with ye challenge players of olde? Let’s have a look:

Stay Frosty
snwboardr1987 – 00:10.801 (this week)
snwboardr1987 – 00:10.77 (last time)

Great Wall
CMurder – 00:16.738 (this week)
CMurder – 00:17.03 (last time)

Sun Spire
Hatchet – 00:13.858 (this week)
Death Pony – 00:13.49 (last time)

Centripetal Force
snwboardr1987 – 00:18.726 (this week)
Death Pony – 00:18.77 (last time)

SpaceQuack – 02:04.518 (this week)
Death Pony – 02:04.47 (last time)

World Records

We have a trio of world records this week with a handful of improvements on Sugar Rush and Bumper Invasion – not to mention a Full Speed Ahead record out of left field!

Full Speed Ahead
BlackOrbit – 00:06.191

Bumper Invasion
SpKi – 00:14.901

Sugar Rush
Catzs – 00:08.569

Building Levels

This week, SpaceTaco released a new video tutorial on how to build custom levels for Marble It Up! If you’re interested in making your own levels, make sure to check this tutorial out, as well as reading through the #level-building channel in the Discord.
You can see SpaceTaco’s recent custom levels on the Steam Workshop (a few pictured above) – as well as his official levels in Marble It Up: Mayhem!

The Steam Workshop now has over 400 custom levels! There’s endless fun to be had – and so many levels to make!

We’ll see you next week, builders!

Marble Collective

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