Novembrrr – The Marble It Update!

– November 18 –

It’s chilly! Quick recaps this week. Don’t fast forward, we’ll do it for you this week! Solid world record improvements and Ground Control has a variety of winners. Speed, speed, speed.

Make sure to check out the Steam Workshop – we’re seeing some updated maps coming in and you may have even finished watching Taco’s extensive level-building tutorial from last week by now (it’s huge)!

Weekly Challenge: Fast Forward

Watch for those rails! We ask ‘how fast is too fast’ a lot – we might just have our answer this week. Maybe take it slow? Medium forward?

Last Week’s Challenge: Ground Control

Totally Tubular
Hatchet – 00:15.308

CMurder – 00:27.900

CMurder – 00:13.758

Warp Core
Hatchet – 00:31.347

Platinum Playground
Sevadra – 00:40.511

World Records!

Hatchet – 02:02.303

Full Speed Ahead
Pinguin – 00:06.187

SpKi – 00:03.907

Hatchet – 00:08.239

A Birthday Month

This month, we celebrate the second birthday of Marble It Up! on Steam – and a year since Marble It Up: Mayhem! released on Apple Arcade! Woah.

Boy, does time fly! Whichever system you play on – thanks for playing with us!

The newsletter will return the week after next – we’ll see you then, marblers. Stay safe and eat some turkey!

Marble Collective

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