Shades – The Marble It Update!

– December 16 –

The future is oh so bright – so we show off some upcoming shades this week! The Steelie challenge returns in all its high-gravity goodness, we have a single new IL record to share, and we look at last week’s challenge winners. It’s a quick update this week – so let’s get rolling!

Weekly Challenge: Steelie

Throw your weight around a bit this week! It’s a bit longer of a challenge than last week’s frame-wars. Tangle might be a tough one (but when is it not?) this go round. Sugar Rush could well be a route-finder’s dream, though! Who’ll come out on top?

Last Week’s Challenge: Offroad

Wave Pool
snwboardr1987 – 00:03.156

SpKi – 00:08.347

Warp Core
snwboardr1987 – 00:03.057

Platinum Playground
Catzs – 00:02.129

Danger Zone
Catzs – 00:29.655

New Record!

What a catch in the waves!

Wave Pool
SpKi – 00:06.796


In the next Mayhem update – you’ll be able to rock these awesome pink shades! I’m no expert – but I think these will qualify as fast fashion. More sunglasses variations are on their way, too… including an homage to a certain rocket man!

Short n’ sweet (but informative) newsletter next week. Our team is taking it easy for the holidays, as well – woo hoo!

Until we roll again!

Marble Collective

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