Happy Holidays! – The Marble It Update!

Happy Holidays!
– December 22 –

Happy Tuesday – we hope everyone is enjoying as safe and distanced a holiday as possible here at the end of the year!

Our gift to you is a quick newsletter this week to show off this week’s upcoming challenge, a jolly old elf hat, and talk news of Classic on Steam.

Let’s roll.

Weekly Challenge: Air Control

Starting at the usual Wednesday time and the usual Wednesday place – we’ve got the Air Control challenge! Limited ground movement is the cost of being able to soar and change direction mid-air. How will you fare on such challenging levels as Big Easy?! What other levels will we see? It’s a mystery!

We’ll recap the winners of the current Steelie challenge, Air Control, and level records in the first newsletter of 2021!

Hello, old friend…

Marble It Up: Classic! – A Snapshot

Over the past year (and change) of the team focusing on the development of Marble It Up: Mayhem! – we’ve introduced a staggering amount of new content, tweaks, and improvements both visible and under the hood. Changes to existing levels, multiplayer, new weekly challenge modifiers – there’s a lot of ground to cover when the Mayhem update hits, and a lot of ground that will shift in the process.

We recognize the amount of changes that the update will bring, and so we’re planning to separate the versions on Steam – allowing us to release Marble It Up: Mayhem! and at the same time allow Marble It Up! to live on: a snapshot of the game’s current state.

There won’t be any extra cost, and we plan for the Mayhem and Classic to be separate games in your Steam library so you can play the version you feel like playing without messing with settings and branches. Clean and simple.

“What about for Nintendo Switch?” Good question! We can’t say for sure if we’ll be able to do the same thing on Switch – but we will be exploring the possibility. There are different and potentially tougher obstacles there – but keep fingers crossed and we’ll keep you posted!

There are still details for us to work out and decisions to make, but we’re sure excited to share the early plans with you!

Equipped with two-way radio!


Whether you played on Apple Arcade, Steam, or Nintendo Switch – thanks for rolling with us and have a safe and happy Holiday season!

Let’s roll again in 2021!

Marble Collective


  1. Hi.
    How are the Switch and Windows versions of Marble It Up: Mayhem doing? I recall it’s been over a year since it was announced.


    1. They’re in the works still – no explicit timeline at the moment, but we’re getting closer! Looking at a Steam beta test as our next step 🙂


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