2021 – The Marble It Update

– January 6 –

Welcome to the new year, marblers – it’ll be a big one for Marble It Up! We’re back with a new challenge, a look at the winners of past weeks, new records and more! Welcome back, and we hope you had lovely holidays.

Make sure to check out the previous newsletter for news on MIU: Classic!

Weekly Challenge: Superball

It’s a tricky challenge this week, get ready for precise jumps and bounces. Maybe add in a bit of luck – just to be safe! Or do the challenges without luck…? It’s not an exact science.

Last Week’s Challenge: High Jump
Super Jump
BlackOrbit – 00:03.631

River Vantage
CMurder – 00:06.921

CMurder – 00:15.905

Danger Zone
CMurder – 00:24.357

CMurder – 00:28.797

Last Last Week’s Challenge: Air Control
Learning To Turn
BlackOrbit – 00:03.320

Big Easy
KingOfRain – 00:28.234

Thread the Needle
chorlz – 00:18.757

AndyC – 00:05.125

mNo ★ – 00:10.221

Last Last Last Week’s Challenge: Steelie
Stay Frosty
BlackOrbit – 00:10.706

Over the Garden Wall
Hatchet – 00:08.408

Sugar Rush
SkullFire58 – 00:08.442

pittDK – 00:43.354

CMurder – 00:27.308

World Records

Pinguin – 00:15.692

Ex Machina
Catzs – 00:06.238

Wave Pool
SpKi – 00:06.795

The Gift of Garney Gifs

Talk About Dedication…

On the horizon: dedicated servers! We’ve been in playtest mode recently with a focus on multiplayer. New maps for a new mode that we’ll be talking about in the nebulous future, some potential changes to existing game modes, and the shift to dedicated servers are all part of our current task set. The best ways to play MIU multiplayer are still to come!
Our playtests are a hoot – and each week just gets better and better! We’ll let you know when you can get in on the playtest action, too!

Welcome to another year of Marble. Let’s roll!

Marble Collective

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