Mask – The Marble It Update!

– January 20 –

Welcome back to the Marble It Update newsletter! This week, the community starts preparations for The Super Ball, we check out the mega marble challenge winners, a new record is sealed into the books, double jump returns and we show an evolution from last week.

It’s marble time!

Weekly Challenge: Double Jump

This week, we see Gordian return to weekly challenges – it’s been a while! We throw an extra jump your way to help you on Learning to Jump, and maybe eke out some extra height in the Thread the Needle super-jump skip. Mayyyybe. Good luck this week, challengers – may you double-jump your way to glory.

Last Week’s Challenge: Mega Marble

More like The Pit of Mad Air

Hatchet – 00:07.837

Bumper Invasion
Hatchet – 00:18.998

Dire Straits
CMurder – 00:24.963

Platinum Playground
Hatchet – 00:34.828

The Pit of Despair
CMurder – 00:20.442

New Record!

Sugar Rush
SkullFire58 – 00:08.569

The Super Ball 2021

The community Real Time Attack speedrun event is on the horizon: an exhibition race to see who can complete the game from start to finish the fastest! Interested in being a runner or spectator? Come check out the details in the #super-ball-2021 channel of the Discord! You can also watch individual runs of the game on the leaderboard!

A Mask

It was just too cool to not make it a dragon mask! Enjoy your week, marblers!

We’ll see you in the next one!

Marble Collective

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