Quest – The Marble It Update!

– January 27 –

This week, venture unto the Dark Side of the Moon in the weekly challenge! A new hat and marble combo are revealed, records are broken, the Super Ball approaches, multiplayer progresses, and more. Buckle up!

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon

Low gravity, reversed, no powerups? It’s time to play ‘escape the island’ on Archipelago and ‘please don’t knock me— ohmygodoutofbounds’ on Flip the Table! Good luck in this week’s selection of maps, and welcome back to the Dark Side of the Moon!

Last Week’s Challenge: Double Jump

Jump, jump, jump it up!

Learning To Jump
BlackOrbit – 00:06.363

Full Speed Ahead
Kryzz – 00:05.868

Thread the Needle
steeIow – 00:28.554

Sugar Rush
SkullFire58 – 00:08.955

CMurder – 00:16.756

New Records!

This week? The battle of Big Easy!

Sugar Rush
SkullFire58 – 00:08.530

Big Easy
Hatchet – 00:30.484

Four Stairs
SpKi – 00:08.076

In Real-Time…

In the past week, we’ve had 3 updates to the RTA leaderboard! It seems that folks are practicing for Super Ball 2021 on Saturday, February 6th. You won’t want to miss this showcase of player skill and ingenuity – and hilarity! More details available in the Discord.


Quest! Say hello to the upcoming Questgiver hat and a new 12-sided marble! In other news, we continue our quest for the next update – and we begin planning more of the Steam beta test. Look for more info on that soon, and get in gear for some multiplayer action! We’ll be relying heavily on the discord when the time comes for a beta – join to keep up with all the latest details!

Keep on rolling! Two clues in the news!

Marble Collective

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