Super Ball 2021 – The Marble It Update!

Super Ball 2021
– February 3 –

February is upon us! January somehow went by quickly while still taking forever… But in February (since it’s the fastest month), we’re all about SPEED. What better way than to kick off the month with Super Ball 2021?
In other news – we have challenge winners, the slip and slide challenge, and more!

Weekly Challenge: Slip and Slide

Let’s lower the friction a bit, yeah? Have an ice time with a set of slow and steady levels for this week! Careful on Elevator Action not to let momentum get the better of you…

Last Week’s Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon

Kryzz – 00:12.583

Triple Divide
MrTrolyMoly – 00:16.029

Off Kilter
Kryzz – 00:14.565

CMurder – 00:28.232

Flip the Table
Kryzz – 00:37.199

Speed Runs!

This week, in anticipation of the weekend event, we have a handful of new RTA runs on the leaderboard! Practicing up for the event!

Super Ball 2021

This Saturday, 3pm EST – mark your calendars for the kickoff of Super Ball 2021! Join us in the Discord for the fun and games and to cheer on the runners!

There are 15 runners signed up for the event already – we can’t wait to see all these full game runs! Who will come out on top? Who gets their personal best time? Who will claim the community bounties? It’s anyone’s guess!

We’ll also be revealing a wee bit of multiplayer game news after the end of the event – so stay tuned in the discord: the conclusion of our clue game (a concluesion, if you will) awaits! In the meantime, enjoy today’s search…

See you in the discord, marblers! Happy Super Ball!

Marble Collective

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