Soccer and Betas – The Marble It Update!

Soccer and Betas
– February 10 –

What a week! Super Ball 2021 was a super success, we see an incredible surge in the RTA leaderboards, a near-sweep in the weekly challenge, and the ARG puzzle concludes in a reveal of the next multiplayer mode: soccer!

Also – Beta tests!

Weekly Challenge: Beach Ball

We start off this week with the Beach Ball challenge. Time to inflate your ego by winning with no powerups – 2 midair jumps and low gravity included, of course! Have some fun in the Sun Spire!

Last Week’s Challenge: Slip and Slide

Precious Gems
Kryzz – 00:17.027

Great Wall
CMurder – 00:19.170

Big Easy
Kryzz – 00:31.609

Elevator Action
Kryzz – 00:23.657

Cog Valley
Kryzz – 00:17.405

New Records!

A new full-game record is set by spacekitty (SpKi)! As well as 17+ new runs on the leaderboard over the last couple of weeks! Go take a look at the leaderboards and watch some of the runs – absolutely stellar executions of speed strats by these folks!

Super Ball 2021

Congratulations are in order for the runners of Super Ball 2021 on their stellar performances! Shouts out to these folks for competing: Hyran, MrTrolyMoly, Catzs, SpKi, Agedude, Hatchet, Sevadra, UmbraSonset, VilleOlof, Atham, eplipswich, Glooten, J2_2v, Marblr, NateSquared Nuclear, SkullFire58. Special shout out to Agedude for spearheading such an awesome event! Easily the most compelling sporting event of the weekend!
Check out the race results below:

Soccer and Betas

Marble soccer is on the way! As we’ve said in previous newsletters – we’ve been implementing and improving our usage of dedicated servers for the next update. One of the main goals is for marble collision to feel as great as possible, so why not put it to the test by making soccer a reality in Marble It Up: Mayhem!?

On the topic of tests… this weekend we will be kicking off our Beta tests on Steam and Arcade! Watch the #announcements channel in Discord for more information, as well as the incoming #beta-arcade and #beta-steam channels for all the details you’ll need to play some of that sweet sweet marble multiplayer.

(You can sign up for the Arcade Beta here – no subscription required).

We’ll be keeping track of feedback and funneling it into our discussions to help tune the game to as perfect pitch as possible! We can’t wait for you to play what we’ve been working on and to make your voices heard!


Marble Collective

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