Construction – The Marble It Update!

– March 3 –

February is over and March is here! This brings us closer to a lot of exciting things – The Dedicated Update among them! This week, our Arcade Beta centered on the update continues with the help of our awesome community! We also see a new challenge, and some movement on leaderboards. Let’s hit it!

Weekly Challenge: Land Locked

The struggle is real in this week’s challenge. We’ll find it tough to get off the ground due to greatly inhibited jump height and no power-ups. Edge-hits and perseverance… let’s see what you got, challengers!

Last Week’s Challenge: Follow the Path

Onward and Upward
Snwboardr – 00:07.428

Time Capsule
Elomith – 00:04.707

Retrograde Rally
AndyC – 00:44.913

Newton’s Cradle
CMurder – 00:29.013

VilleOlof – 00:55.679

The Need for Speed

This week, the RTA full-game leaderboard reaches its 30th member – and individual chapter categories are taking off! Check them out here or you can compete yourself and hit up the speedrun channels in discord. A new individual level record didn’t make it into the last newsletter, so it has been posted below.

Big Easy
KingOfRain – 00:30.480

The Dedicated Update

We want to thank everyone for their continued testing of the Arcade Beta – it’s a lot of fun to hop into games and see folks playing! I also can’t overstate how useful it is for us to have people reporting the errors and issues they’re running into. Y’all are pretty good at the game, too!

We’re excited to be closing in on finishing The Dedicated Update and getting Mayhem in its best spot yet!


Marble Collective

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