Dedicated – The Marble It Update!

– February 24 –

This week, we start the Arcade Beta test as the release of the next update approaches, a new challenge joins the path, we take a brief look at some Steam Beta stats, and more in today’s quick newsletter.
Let’s break some speed records!

Weekly Challenge: Follow the Path

Don’t stray from the path – checkpoint gems will light your way, adventurers! A slight detour in the Time Capsule, a winding wending path in Archiarchy, and a few other tweaks enter this week’s challenge. A fair bit easier than previous weeks, eh?

Last Week’s Challenge: Fast Forward

Four Stairs
Snwboardr – 00:02.369

snwboardr1987 – 00:03.127

Crystalline Matrix
snwboardr1987 – 00:01.611

Uphill Both Ways
Atham – 00:13.831

Atham – 00:43.208

The Need for Speed

This week, we see a pair of new top 10 full-game runs! Be sure to also take a look at the new records for individual chapter times – these folks have these chapters down to an art!

Arcade Beta

Our Arcade Beta is spinning up today in the MIU Discord! If you have an Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone – you can get in on the action by coming over to the #beta-arcade channel and finding the pinned messages. Take it for a spin, and let us know what you think! This test will be different from the Steam Beta was, so the Discord will be the best place for information as things shift during the testing period.

Steam Beta Survey Responses!

Last week, I said I’d share some of my favorite data points from the Steam Beta. But first – thank you to everyone who played and responded! A lot of the feedback we received centered (unsurprisingly) on connectivity and blast! Those are two of the things getting the most attention right now, so we’re excited to see where they end up!

Check out 4 of my favorite responses below – and we’ll see you next in the one!

Marble Collective

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