Waiting Game – The Marble It Update!

Waiting Game
– March 24 –

Welcome back to the newsletter, everybody. This week, we show off challenge winners of weeks past, check in on the first ChapTourney, take a gander of speedruns and new level records, and we play the waiting game on The Dedicated Update.

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Weekly Challenge: Moon Walk

This week’s variation of Moon Walk allows power-ups! Power-walk your way (slowly) through the air from the power of low gravity. Go give Escalation a try – but without easy* kickflips?! Tricky, tricky.

Last Weeks’ Challenges: Offroad & High Jump

AndyC – 00:05.548

Dire Straits
AndyC – 00:14.621

CMurder – 00:16.072

Flip the Table
CMurder – 00:02.169

VilleOlof – 00:48.487

High Jump
Big Easy
mNo – 00:29.589

Snwboardr – 00:06.999

Sun Spire
Elomith – 00:25.236

Elomith – 00:28.285

Head In The Clouds
Elomith – 00:04.525

New Records!

UmbraSonset – 00:15.676

The Mop – 02:02.222

Off Kilter
UmbraSonset – 00:12.583

Need for Speed!

This weekend, the ChapTourney took place! Take a look at the bracket above to see how it all went. You can also go back and watch the VODs from Glooten and SkullFire and check out their casting job! Move over, every other esport! Congratulations to Catzs on the win!

We also have RTA leaderboard updates from the last couple weeks below!

The Dedicated Update

The Dedicated Update is the last major update planned for Apple Arcade, and we’re really excited to be crossing the finish line on this multi-year effort. We can’t wait for Apple to release this huge update to the world!

We’re thrilled for the cool stuff ahead.

Stay tuned 🙂

Marble Collective

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