Surge – The Marble It Update!

– March 31 –

This week, we close out March with a fresh challenge, new records, and a surge in custom maps! We’ve hit the 500 custom level milestone – that ‘s a whole lot of levels! There’s some quality play time just waiting to be had.
Time to roll!

Weekly Challenge: No Strafing

Strafer – No Strafing! This week’s challenge is forward and backward only. With no left/right/diagonal movement, you’ll need to brush up your camera-control skills. We could, like give out awards for camera-control… golden globes or something, maybe? Good luck!

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Kryzz – 00:08.219

Ex Machina
Kryzz – 00:09.870

steeIow – 00:36.325

Head In The Clouds
Kryzz – 00:05.643

Kryzz – 00:08.726

Need for Speed

Two records are broken this week! We also want to highlight the chapter RTA speedruns – you can find them here: Chapter Runs – some records are there for the taking, folks!

Pinguin – 00:15.472

Wave Pool
SpKi – 00:06.777

Steam Custom Levels!

There’s been a recent surge in custom levels on the Workshop! We’ve also seen an increase in messages in our #level-building channel on Discord as more folks try their hands at making custom levels. It’s a great time to jump in if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make MIU! levels.

Check out the Steam Workshop in all its glory (and shenanigans) here: Marble It Up! Workshop

Congratulations to the community for hitting 500 levels on the workshop!

See you in the next one, marblers!

Marble Collective

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