Marble It Up: AdVentuRe!

Marble Collective is thrilled to announce our newest title – Marble It Up: AdVentuRe! Embark on quests, collect stars, and take our little Marble Hero through their most perilous journeys – all in Virtual Reality!

Let’s break down this ground-breaking game!

Art in Motion

In partnership with a particularly industrious billionaire, we’ve embarked on an exploration of technology’s simplicity. Space? Vehicles? Move over!

We’re talking about a state-of-the-art Motion Control system. We call this system:
Motion Controll.

We’ll also be producing a documentary on the naming process and development of this tech soon. Get ready for a behind the scenes look that will make you move to the groove!

If You’re Not First…

When talking about this exploration of the forefront of gaming, it’s important to look at the perspective of it all. After careful consideration, and plenty of community* feedback – Marble It Up: AdVetuRe! will be a first-person perspective game.

Marble Collective thinks that Marble Collective continuing to use third-person would be a bad idea.

*feedback taken from FPS communities*

Release Dates and Platforms

While we’re not within a window to share specific dates – we are able to share some extra details with you, today! First, the ever-present platforms question:

Marble It Up: AdVentuRe! will be exclusive to the Oculus Quest (specificity is key here, MIU:AdVR! will not be available on Oculus Quest 2). This decision is not made lightly, and comes after a great deal of market research.

Speaking of research…

The Big Question

We know the biggest question facing us in the world of entertainment today is: will this thing I enjoy be an NFT (and what is that)?

We’ve done several minutes of research into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – and we’ve come to a heart-breaking conclusion. As you can see in the image above – the world of MIU:AdVR! contains no small amount of mushrooms.

After consulting with some of the most recent wikipedia-article-first-paragraph researchers, we’re sad to say that the mushroom content in Marble It Up: AdVentuRe! means it cannot be related to non-fungible tokens. A fungus among us.

The Road Ahead

We can’t wait to share more info on our non-NFT, Virtual Reality, Motion Controlled, First-Person, Marble Adventure game.

‘Are we creating a genre?’ You Ask…

Why, yes. Yes we are.

Get Ready to Roll.

Marble Collective


  1. I’m sure you would have said it if you knew but is there any chance that it will be coming to other VR Headsets? I’m a really die hard fan of your games since MBG and would love to experience your wonderful games!


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