Puzzles – The Marble It Update!

– June 9 –

This week, our quick community round up covers a new record, the weekly challenge, previous winners, and some mind-bending new custom levels. A quick pulse-check on the Dedicated update awaits, as well.

Happy Wednesday!

Weekly Challenge: Superball

We continue the theme this week with a Superball challenge! Tight movements, super precise edge hits, all on a series of relatively short levels. Put your super skills to the test, challengers!

Last Week’s Challenge: Steelie

Learning to Turn
mNo – 00:04.712

Bump in the Night
Section – 00:08.092

Elevator Action
CMurder – 00:42.613

Bumper Invasion
CMurder – 00:21.208

Crystalline Matrix
CMurder – 00:09.073

Need for Speed!

We have one new world record this week from Chapter 1 – Full Speed Ahead!

Full Speed Ahead
BlackOrbit – 00:06.163

The Customs!

This week brings us new levels from ChunkNola, Koogee Plays, and a newcomer to the custom level scene: TheRealJohArk. These levels include more gravity than you can shake a stick at, some high-flying hijinks, and a train full of brain-busting puzzles.

Check these out and more in the Steam Workshop!

Talk About Dedication!

We’re still alive and still jockeying the Dedicated update through the processes for release. No ETA quite yet, but we’ll keep you posted. It’s a wild ride, but we’re excited to watch the update release and play some soccer on our amazing soccer maps in multiplayer! Stay dedicated, folks!

Until next time, Marble It Up!

Marble Collective

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