What a Steel – The Marble It Update!

What a Steel
– June 2 –

Welcome back to a community round up! This week, we look at the new Steelie challenge, previous weekly winners, stellar new custom levels, and more!

Let us roll!

Weekly Challenge: Steelie

This week, we focus the challenge on precision. Shave off time with good ramps, bumper hits, and frame-perfect jumps to reach the top 5. How flashy can the Steelie challenge get? We’re excited to see some crisp winning runs!

Last Week’s Challenge: Beach Ball

mNo – 00:07.552

Uphill Both Ways
mNo – 00:32.802

mNo – 00:25.863

Time Capsule
Section – 00:12.884

Over the Garden Wall
Hatchet – 00:10.398

Dark Side of the Moon

CMurder – 00:13.805

Cog Valley
mNo – 00:09.588

Bumper Invasion
CMurder – 00:24.236

CMurder – 00:18.763

LeoDeo – 00:30.346

Need for Speed

Broken records? Check. Multiple improvements on the same level? Check. Stayin’ Alive? Check.
Check out this week’s records:

Stayin’ Alive
SpKi – 00:17.282

Totally Tubular
Kryzz – 00:11.529

Bumper Invasion
SpKi – 00:13.839

Learning to Turn
Kryzz – 00:04.379

Custom Levels Collection!

These past few weeks have brought even more visually creative custom levels! The workshop welcomed new levels from SkullFire58, UmbraSonset, VilleOlof, FlavoredSaucer, Koogee Plays, and 101Koopas_in_a_box!

Pro Tip: If you want to download the entire collection of Custom Levels, Hatchet continues to update the full collection here! You only need to hit “Subscribe to all” and you’re good to go!

Check out the images of some recent levels below!

We’ll see you next time!

Marble Collective

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