Dark Side – The Marble It Update!

Dark Side
– May 19 –

A quick community round-up this week as we see new custom levels, broken records, and more! This week’s challenge brings back the Dark Side of the Moon modifiers, and we take a look at this week’s winners.

Come roll with us!

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon

Give in to the Dark Side – it is your destiny! Use the power of low gravity to go through these levels backwards! No need for power-ups, only give in to the power of the Dark Side… of the Moon challenge…

Last Week’s Challenge: Mega Marble

Learning To Roll
Dom – 00:04.742

Four Stairs
CMurder – 00:15.496

Ex Machina
CMurder – 00:06.635

The Pit of Despair
CMurder – 00:32.528

Hatchet – 00:52.132

Need for Speed

This week saw a wide variety of levels have their records broken!

– 00:07.488

Totally Tubular
Kryzz – 00:11.539

Ex Machina
UmbraSonset – 00:06.236

Onward and Upward
SpKi – 00:04.623

Platinum Playground
SpKi – 00:16.768


This week, we welcome four new levels to the workshop! These include more deliveries from the tricky tricky VilleOlof (of Stinky collection fame) and levels from a builder new to the workshop: Koogee Plays!

Take a look at the workshop here – what are some of your favorite workshop levels out there? Let us know, and be sure to help these creators out by rating the custom levels you play!

That’s all for this week’s community round-up! We’ll see you next week!

Marble Collective

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