Mega Roller – The Marble It Update!

Mega Roller
– May 12 –

This week, we return to the Mega Marble challenge! We also see the beginnings of the Mayhem RTA speedrun categories, look at last week’s challenges, check out some new custom levels, and play a bit of music. Happy Wednesday!

Weekly Challenge: Mega Marble

Mega Marbles… in SPACE! This week’s challenge uses another one of the rare challenge maps: Stratosphere. There’s a nice progression of levels this go round to help you learn the skill you need to surmount the final level of the game. We learn to roll first, then we climb a bit, we learn to control Mega Marbles in the air, grapple with the pit of despair, and then we just hope we don’t hit any crystals! Easy peasy!

Last Week’s Challenge: Double Jump

Triple Divide
mNo – 00:05.021

Time Capsule
CMurder – 00:03.527

Diamond in the Sky
SpaceQuackHD – 00:36.936

Head In The Clouds
Snwboardr – 00:06.881

UmbraSonset – 00:17.251

Need for Speed and Records

The speedrun game gets a little freaky this week as we see the more new records in Mayhem categories! Shouts out to RisingStar96 and Gamefreak1.0 for pushing these categories!
There’s also a Radius world record (with like 6 improvements). A good week.

Super Jump
Elomith – 00:03.296

Platinum Playground
SpKi – 00:16:972

SpKi – 00:18.389

Mayhem Arc
Gamefreak1.0 – 01:26:45.488

Mayhem Bonus Arc
GameFreak1.0 – 01:26:59.418

Mayhem All Levels
GameFreak1.0 – 02:54:49.240

Current Chapter Standings Below

Custom Levels!

This week brings new levels from VilleOlof, Blasted, and UmbraSonset! A gem optimization level, some beautiful sparkly levels, and a Platinum Quest inspired level all enter this mix this week. Go check them out! (Don’t forget to rate levels in the Workshop too!)

The Jams!

It’s been a while since we highlighted it – but Marble It Up! has a killer soundtrack! Whether you’ve heard it only a few times or it’s your daily jam, Solovox’s soundtrack is the perfect pick-me-up!

You can check out the Marble It Up! soundtrack in the video above or on Spotify.

And – if you’ve played Mayhem or the Beta tests so far, you will have heard the extra EP: Challenge Accepted which is also available on Spotify! The EP includes remixes of “Keep Your Cool” and “Rolling Home”.

Let us know what your favorite track is! See you next time!

Marble Collective

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