Round – The Marble It Update!

– May 5 –

May is upon us – time for another newsletter! This stretch of newsletters (while game updates wait in the wings) might be better described as ‘community round-ups’ with all the awesome things the community is up to! We’ll start, like always, with the weekly challenges, then speedruns and records, and some custom levels for dessert. With a custom level trailer?!

Let’s dig in to this week’s happenings!

Weekly Challenge: Double Jump

This week’s challenge is a throw back to the very first Double Jump challenge! Escalation and Head in the Clouds get a nice difficulty decrease with an extra jump – and you’ll fly down the mountain in Diamond in the Sky!

Can the community improve on an old school snwboardr1987 sweep?

Last Week’s Challenge: Air Control

We just had to gif the StayinAlive since it’s a rare appearance of the level – and the run fits into a single gif!

Learning to Jump
Snwboardr – 00:04.523

CMurder – 00:14.478

Icy Ascent
mNo – 00:03.619

Sun Spire
CMurder – 00:27.567

Stayin’ Alive
Snwboardr – 00:03.238

Need for Speed and Records

This week, do we see the early stirrings of RTA runs in Mayhem?! We sure hope so! We also see some IL records broken as Olympus gets closer to a sub 2 minute run. Is it possible? Or is it just a myth? Food for thought – some very fast thought

Pinguin – 00:06.352

Dire Straits
SpKi – 00:20.100

The Mop – 02:01.973

Custom Levels

This week sees new levels from UmbraSonset, Daimh, epliswich, SpaceTaco, Jasper, and VilleOlof! The Escapade series continues, we see a smattering of floating pillars, and FRAME WARS rage on with the sixth instalment. Oh – and:

Take a gander at VilleOlof’s trailer for the Stinky – Finale level!

Go check out these creations and more in the Steam Workshop!

What will next week hold? We’re excited to see what you marblers are up to next!

Marble Collective

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