Speedy Speedy – The Marble It Update!

Speedy Speedy
– April 28 –

Welcome back, marblers! This week’s newsletter brings a new challenge, previous winners, and some fantastic movement in the areas of speedrunning. We’ve also seen a crop of new custom levels, and some new Mayhem speedrun categories.

Let’s roll! (And absolutely shatter some records!)

Weekly Challenge: Air Control

This week, get up off the ground and pull some aerial maneuvers to reach peak performance! We see three of the rarest challenge levels make appearances: Learning to Jump, Transit, and Stayin’ Alive! Can you eke out a top 5 spot this week? Good luck!

Last Week’s Challenge: Bowling

Up the Wall
Snwboardr – 00:02.965

Over the Garden Wall
mNo – 00:07.586

Snwboardr – 00:04.837

Elomith – 00:09.057

Onward and Upward
Elomith – 00:05.116

… and Back Again
Stay Frosty
UmbraSonset – 00:12.057

Wo0dY – 00:13.175

Off Kilter
CMurder – 00:14.022

Retrograde Rally
AndyC – 00:59.009

Hatchet – 00:20.356

World Records and the Need for Speed

These past couple weeks… wow! Check all the records below. We also saw some slight updates to Marble It Up: Classic! RTA runs, as well as the introduction of the new Mayhem categories on speedrun.com – go check them out!

Up the Wall
Snwboardr – 00:02.496

Precious Gems
SpKi – 00:14.001

Triple Divide
Catzs – 00:08.003

Uphill Both Ways
SpKi – 00:27.547

SpKi – 00:09.879

Stay Frosty
SpKi – 00:10.177

Super Jump
Pinguin – 00:03.299

Head in the Clouds
SpKi – 00:22.847

Time Capsule
SpKi – 00:03.715

Thread the Needle
SpKi – 00:30.666

Learning to Roll
rob_426 – 00:04.929

Custom Levels

These last two weeks have brought the total number of custom levels on the workshop to 526! Check out some of the newer levels in the workshop including works from UmbraSonset, J2_2, ChunkNola, FlavoredSaucer, VilleOlof, and more!

Browse the Workshop!

We’re still working through the release of the Dedicated Update – and waiting to share what we’re up to next. Enjoy some good ol’ community content this week, folks.

Until we roll again!

Marble Collective

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