Stasis – The Marble It Update!

– April 14 –

Welcome to mid-April, marblers! We’ve got custom levels, speedy world records, and a new challenge this week. Let’s take a look at what the week had to offer!

Weekly Challenge: … And Back Again

This week, we mine for a gem in Off Kilter and continue our search for precious stones in the levels beyond. Extra gems, reversed levels, and no powerups – you’ll have to win using nothing but the power of your own two* feet!

*millions of microscopic marble feet…

Last Week’s Challenge: Superball

Precious Gems
Kryzz – 00:13.636

Wave Pool
CMurder – 00:06.926

Sugar Rush
Elomith – 00:08.358

Four Stairs
CMurder – 00:14.504

CMurder – 00:02.939

Need for Speed

Check out these new individual level World Records from the week. Speedy folks managed to grab the shortest and the longest levels in the same week!

Four Stairs
SpKi – 00:07.727

Up the Wall
Hyran – 00:02.507

The Mop – 02:02.077

Custom Levels, Continued!

We continue the custom level combo this week as we reach 517 total items on the Steam Workshop. Avoid bashers and bumpers, prevail on precarious paths, and climb your way to some victorious vistas.

Also – there’s a T Rex?! Check it all out in the Workshop!

The Dedicated Update

Quick pulse check – we’re still in the approval process for the Dedicated Update. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer. Still here and still alive!

We’ll be playing Soccer in no time! And then we’ll talk what’s next 🙂

See you next week – and be sure to rate the custom levels you play!

Marble Collective

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