Bye June – The Marble It Update

Bye June
– June 30 –

We’re back this week with a roundup of challenge winners, speedrun successes, custom levels, and more. Sit back, relax, and wear some sunscreen! We also have a sale, and small news on updates.

Time to roll!

Weekly Challenge: Moon Walk

Suit? Check. Helmet? Check. 5 speedy levels to find a perfect route through? Check. This week’s challenge takes us to spaaaaaaace and leaves the power solely on you and your marble. And lowered gravity, of course!

Last Week’s Challenge: Fast Forward

Stay Frosty
Hyran – 00:06.695

Big Easy
LeoDeo – 00:26.918

Sugar Rush
CMurder – 00:04.264

Off Kilter
mNo – 00:08.787

Warp Core
CMurder – 00:17.997

Ground Control

Up the Wall
Section – 00:05.931

Full Speed Ahead
Hyran – 00:05.758

Wave Pool
CMurder – 00:06.950

Time Capsule
Hyran – 00:08.944

Ex Machina
mNo – 00:07.299

The Need For Speed

This week we take a look at a trio of new individual records, as well as a new first place time in the Chapter 3 category!

chorlz – 02:01.870

Danger Zone
SpKi – 00:30.408

SpKi – 00:03.868

Custom Level Collection!

Check out this week’s newest custom levels in the Workshop! New entries include works from ChunkNola, Koogee Plays, and VilleOlof.

Go see what shenanigans these creators have snuck into this variety of levels!

Want to learn how to add to these collections? Be sure to check out the #level-building channel in the Official Discord for your first steps!

A Marble It Up! Summer

For the next couple weeks, Marble It Up! is on sale on Steam for the Summer Sale! Get five bucks off on your ticket to all the great classic levels and Workshop content!

In other news… the Dedicated Update for Marble It Up: Mayhem! on Apple Arcade is making more progress! In technical and rhyming terms – our next “review is in the queue” after which we should be in a spot to have a release window for the update. Fingers crossed!

We can’t wait to play the Dedicated Update with all of you!

Goodbye, June – Hello July!

Marble Collective

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