Escapades – The Marble It Update!

– July 7 –

Welcome to July, a month of Escapades!

This week, we go back again to an old school reversed challenge to see who wins the most-improved award. A single new records bursts its way through to the leaderboards. We see a new custom level collection, and the Escapade custom level pack gets some shiny new paint – and a Community-run competition to go with it?! With Prizes?!

Read on, dear marbles, read on.

Weekly Challenge: …and Back Again

This week throws it way back again to one of the original reversals. This challenge grouping was almost the very first challenge in Marble It Up! who knew?! See if you can beat the historical winners this week – good luck!

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Learning to Turn
Hatchet – 00:05.478

Over the Garden Wall
Hatchet – 00:11.245

Hatchet – 00:11.360

River Vantage
Hatchet – 00:05.143

Hatchet – 00:33.790

The Need for Speed!

This week, we see a single IL world record from Snwboardr!

Precious Gems
Snwboardr – 00:13.958

Custom Levels Galore!

What a week for custom levels! In the Workshop, we have a new level from J2_2 and a pair of new levels from VilleOlof.

A new mini-series of five levels has emerged from Daimh: Micro Meanders, bite-sized levels!

We also have updates from SpaceTaco on the Escapade level collection…

Escapade World Record Rampage

Hatchet and SpaceTaco have begun the grand journey of throwing a community competition: the Escapade World Record Rampage!
There are prizes for the players with the top 5 ranking across the set of 30 levels – with the 1st place prize being a whopping $200 (what a generous community)!

Get all the rules and details and hype here in the Discord!

And you can grab your chance at Escapade glory here!

And finally, you can still get Marble It Up! on Steam for 25% off!(sale ends today)!

What better time to Marble It Up! than during an event run by our stellar community?

Marble Collective

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