Alive and Dedicated – The Marble It Update!

Alive and Dedicated
– July 21 –

Today’s Menu
The Dedicated Update
Challenge Winners
Need for Speed (with RTA)
Custom Levels &
Escapade Raffle Prizes

It’s news time. Let’s roll.

The Dedicated Update, LIVE on Apple Arcade!

After a long and patience-filled waiting period… The Dedicated Update is here! We couldn’t be more excited for this update to land on Apple Arcade!

Highlights of the Dedicated Update:
Kickoff with the new Soccer mode in 7 different arenas!
Dedicated multiplayer servers make the game smoother than ever!
58 Brand new cosmetic items to unlock in our rebalanced economy.
We’ve added 2 new standard multiplayer maps, and revamped 2 existing maps!

The Dedicated Update is available NOW on Apple Arcade!


It’s been a long time since we first mentioned Marble It Up: Mayhem! on consoles.
So here’s where we are:

Not only is Mayhem! coming, but we’ve also enlisted and invested in help to develop the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation versions at the highest quality possible.
This work has gone on for the past few months – allowing us to focus on the Dedicated Update while still making progress toward the console ports!

What now?
With the ports progressing, we’ll be able to focus on Steam as the venue for beta testing, player feedback, quick iteration times, and overall refinements that we can then bring to the in-progress console builds.

As you might have guessed, we’re not in a spot to be giving a release date – however, we are in a spot to be discussing release windows internally. Which is very exciting for us, and I hope reassuring for you!

The tradeoff for this longer-than-expected journey is an assembly of stellar content beyond what we initially hoped – and we can’t wait for everyone to play it with us.

(and now, the rest of the week’s round-up!)

Weekly Challenge: Follow the Path

This week? You’ve gotta play a few of these levels the more directed way. Find new routes or rely on the classics, up to you!

The gif in next week’s newsletter will be from Radius. Fair warning to the winner – make it stylish!

Previous Challenge Winners!

Double Jump

Super Jump
Section – 00:02.987

Section – 00:07.962

Totally Tubular
Section – 00:13.149

Bumper Invasion
Section – 00:14.929

Section – 00:37.341

and Back Again

Over the Garden Wall
AndyC – 00:08.023

Elevator Action
CMurder – 00:36.055

Off Kilter
CMurder – 00:12.076

Snwboardr – 00:07.453

Snwboardr – 00:06.182

The Need for Speed

These past couple of weeks has seen increased activity on the RTA leaderboards! Check out the runs themselves on!

Learning to Turn
Matt2k – 00:04.379

Custom Levels and Escapade Raffle

This week, we’ve seen more of the escapade series come out from SpaceTaco! We also see a tutorial from Snwboardr, more individual puzzle cars from ChunkNola, and a Minecraft creation that VilleOlof blocked out. No cheating!

Make sure to check out the Escapade World Record Rampage, with rules in the #custom-level channel in our official Discord! While the main prize pool has grown to a whopping $400 – there is also another prize that anybody can win: the Escapade Raffle of $100!

Gain 1 entry from playing a level from the set, with 3 additional entries from getting Silver, Gold, and Diamond medal times. Four entries? Woah. That’s four chances to wi–

It’s PER LEVEL?! Time to finish the news and go play the entire set, yeah?

Go check out the Discord for more details, and be sure to play this awesome community event while it lasts! Cheers to Hatchet for organizing!

Happy Rolling and Happy Wednesday, folks – see you next time!

Marble Collective

Escapade – Vortex by Space Taco


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