July Flies By – The Marble It Update!

July Flies By
– July 28 –

It’s a quick round-up this week to round off an exciting July!! We threw a big newsletter at you last week, so let’s take it easy this week, yeah? But not like – too easy.
Fly casual, but don’t look like you’re trying to fly casual.
Air Control makes its way to the Weeklies, we see new custom levels, RTA runs climb up the leaderboards, and oh so much more. Come fly with us!

Weekly Challenge: Air Control

Control your air movement in this week’s Challenge. Pretty straightforward. Point A? Easy. Point B? Simple.
Feats of strength here, folks. Learn to roll with Air Control. Go win some challenges! These will like be some photo-finishes!

Last Week’s Challenge: Follow the Path

As promised, the gif this week is of Radius! Congratulations to CMurder on a sweep!

Special shout out to Section, who joined the sweep club in the Double Jump challenge (as you can see in last week’s newsletter)!

Next gif is… Diamond in the Sky. Hop to, challengers!

CMurder – 00:09.053

Great Wall
CMurder – 00:18.603

Elevator Action
CMurder – 00:19.948

Cog Valley
CMurder – 00:23.545

CMurder – 00:28.767

Need for Speed

Pit of Despair is our sole leaderboard world record improvement this week. The RTA boards have seen some new improvements over the last week – go check it out!

The Pit of Despair
Snwboardr – 00:16.406

Custom Levels

This week, the custom level space sees levels of all sizes! Say hello to Space Track by Koogee Plays, Podiums by Hyran, and Wall Rider by Blasted!

Also be on the lookout for a new tool from VilleOlof that will help level builders old and new with remixing levels! More info in #level-building

We’re also one week further along in the Escapade World Record Rampage! With hundreds of dollars in prizes on the line… what are you waiting for?!

Dedicated Multiplayer

Last week, we posted about the release of the Dedicated Update on Apple Arcade! With dedicated servers, we’re able to tweak/fix some things on our end in the moment – which is really cool! We’re also seeing a rather steady stream of players – who knew marble multiplayer could be so much fun?

Weeeee did.
And it’s getting better all the time.

Speaking of things getting better, we discussed Steam Beta tests today. More info as those come closer, but just wanted to relay what’s in the tube. Totally Tubular.

That does it for our quick round-up. Enjoy the week, marblers!

Marble Collective

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