Testing 1, 2, 3 – The Marble It Update!

Testing 1, 2, 3
– August 11 –

We’re back this week and Beta than ever. Welcome to a newsletter with two weeks of challenge winners to show off, a host of new individual level world records, RTA personal bests galore, custom levels and remixes, and the Marble It Up: Mayhem! Steam Beta.

But first? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s —

Weekly Challenge: Superball!

This week’s challenge set starts off with a few softballs, then warps straight to the danger zone… but that won’t stop Superball! Fun fact: Superball was the first member of Bounce Force (later named Friction Force), the marbleverse’s second best superhero team!

Next post’s gif will be Warp Core!

Last Week’s Challenge: Steelie

Precious Gems
Snwboardr – 00:13.882

Triple Divide
Snwboardr – 00:12.813

Time Capsule
CMurder – 00:06.988

CMurder – 00:34.771

Flip the Table
CMurder – 00:21.617

Last Last Week’s Challenge: Air Control

Learning to Roll
Dom – 00:03.817

Full Speed Ahead
Matt2k – 00:05.111

Wave Pool
CMurder – 00:05.231

Off Kilter
BlackOrbit – 00:09.746

Diamond in the Sky
LeoDeo – 00:35.015

Need for Speed

In addition to the smattering of individual level word records below, the RTA leaderboards have received several new runs! This includes 6 personal bests in the last month, with Hatchet closing in on the number 1 run and J2_2 improving the 4th place position!

Icy Ascent
Snwboardr – 00:06.028

Cog Valley
Snwboardr – 00:11.068

Super Jump
Matt2k – 00:03.283

Warp Core
SpKi – 00:20.958

Full Speed Ahead
Hyran – 00:06.143

Custom Levels!

The past few weeks have shown us the wild creativity of level remixes and playing with lightmaps! Check out the Steam Workshop for new levels and remixes from these builders: darkruler667, Hyran, VilleOlof, Three, Daimh, MrCalligraphy, eplipswich, and Marblr!

Marble It Up: Mayhem! Steam Beta

We’re set to open the Steam Beta on Friday, August 13th at 3pm PST/6pm EST.

When the time comes, you can enter the Beta by right-clicking Marble It Up! in your Steam Library, clicking Properties, going to the Betas section, and selecting the beta from the dropdown.

The focus of this particular beta build is general stability and bug fixes. There are features that have been turned off for this build, but will be available in later builds. You can see in the screenshot above the current beta build number and unavailable features.

Our previous betas have had set end times, which can be particularly useful for getting a lot of feedback at once. This go round, the beta will be a rolling beta – we’ll be leaving the build up.
This lets you play at your leisure and allows us the flexibility to make updates and changes as we go. Win-win.

For all the latest information, stick to the #beta-steam channel in Discord.

Who’s ready for some Mayhem?

Marble Collective

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