Betas, Beach Balls, and Broken Records – The Marble It Update!

Betas, Beach Balls, and Broken Records
– August 19 –

This week: speed. Betas, beach balls, broken records, bugs, boatloads of suggestions, and all the best things. We’ve been focused on reacting to and cataloguing feedback from the Steam Beta so far – and looking forward to plenty more!

Let’s roll on this quick Thursday edition of the newsletter!

Weekly Challenge: Beach Ball

This week’s throwback takes us to the introduction of the Beach Ball challenge! With a level selection that feels like a lovely vacation, this week’s Beach Ball is the perfect relaxing challenge!

I’ve posted a lot of gifs of Ex Machina, and I’m contractually-obligated to not give Radius preferential treatment – so next week’s gif slot goes to Archiarchy!

Last Week’s Challenge: Superball

Learning to Turn
Roronoa Zoro – 00:04.142

Stay Frosty
BlackOrbit – 00:10.116

AndyC – 00:07.741

Warp Core
AndyC – 00:35.926

Danger Zone
CMurder – 00:30.961

Need for Speed

This week’s gains in the arena of speed are lightning quick! We start off with the once-elusive Sub 6 Icy Ascent from Snwboardr:

Icy Ascent
Snwboardr – 00:05.995

Moving on to the RTA sphere – VilleOlof nabbed a 3-for-1 with a submission from the Mayhem Beta and also has been working on the auto-splitter for Mayhem. Woop woop!

And last week, Hatchet (a challenge sweeper, by the way) took the MIU: Classic RTA world record!

Testing Testing Testing

The past week has been great fun in the Steam Beta! There have already been a few updates addressing things brought up in reports from all kinds of players.

Discussions in Discord and reports have been incredibly helpful so far in identifying and determining priorities. The best way for your issue or suggestion to get meaningful attention is to submit a report with screenshot/video supplement!

Be sure to check out the #beta-steam channel and its pinned messages!

Thanks for the hours and hours spent playing already – we can all see the difference!

Now to go play more Zombies…

Marble Collective

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