Round Up – The Marble It Update

Round Up
– September 1 –

Welcome to September, rollers. The year just seems to be flying by, and in the spirit of speed – we have a quick newsletter this week. The Dark Side of the Moon challenge returns, we see several records broken, and a whole mess of lovely custom levels.

Rock n’ roll, folks. Rock n’ roll.

Weekly Challenge: Dark Side of the Moon

Breathe.. breathe in the air this week before going to the Dark Side of the Moon! Low gravity, no power ups, and we run these levels backwards. It’s a hoot. It’s gonna be Epoch*.

*Only funny if you say it right. It’s also the GIF next newsletter.

Last Week’s Challenge: Fast Forward

Precious Gems
Snwboardr – 00:08.920

Full Speed Ahead
Snwboardr – 00:03.672

Snwboardr – 00:09.258

Cog Valley
Snwboardr – 00:06.928

Dire Straits
Snwboardr – 00:13.694

Last Last Week’s Challenge: Beach Ball
(Missed the Archiarchy GIF – Oops! Look for an extra GIF in the future!)

Big Easy
Hatchet – 00:25.160

Matt2k – 00:10.853

Ex Machina
Roronoa Zoro – 00:16.695

CMurder – 00:33.232

Matt2k – 00:15.427

Need for Speed

These last couple weeks have been great for speedrunning in both the RTA and IL categories! Check out the many updates to the MIU Classic standings (like J2_2 nabbing the 4th place spot) and the evolution of the Mayhem Arc record with Sevadra in the lead!

Learning to Jump
Snwboardr – 00:06:365

Hatchet – 00:03.857

berserk – 00:08.239

Four Stairs
SpKi – 00:07.406

Custom Levels

The workshop has grown and surpassed 600 items! As more folks try their hands at these architectural tasks, more and more levels are making their way into the workshop. And it’s great to see how much these levels builders are improving!

Remixes, training courses, works of art, and more – check out the most recent levels from these creators: Connie, Three, SpaceTaco, Daimh, darkruler667, Snwboardr, and Anson.

Mayhem Steam Beta

We’re still collecting feedback on the current rolling Steam Beta for MIU: Mayhem! – so be sure to give it a shot and let us know what you think! Check the pinned posts in #steam-beta in Discord for details on how to join up and have your feedback heard!

Thanks for rolling!

Marble Collective

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