Super Ball 2022 – The Marble It Update!

Super Ball 2022
– February 11 –

Welcome to your guide to the event of the year – Super Ball 2022!

We’ve got the when, where, who, and prizes. The four best elements of any event!

It’s only :SB22: in this Marble It Update! – challenge round ups, individual level records, and custom levels will be in the next newsletter. Note: This week’s challenge is indeed Superball, however, so go get your share of glory!

We’ve come a long way since the Super Ball events of years previous… this year’s show has a pre-show, a logo, casters, and so much more!

So, on to the news of today – and tomorrow! We lead off with superb logo made by Hyran! (and you can click it to open the stream, by the way!)

Super Ball 2022 – Fast Facts

TOMORROW, Saturday the 12th of February, is the day of marble history. The events begin at 12 Noon EST – 18:00 CET – 03:00 AEST+1.

THE SHOW will be hosted on Twitch, presented by Agedude, Sevadra, and Glooten!

THE PRIZE POOL has nearly reached the $400 mark from community donations!

Super Ball 2022 – Open Division

THE FOURTEEN racers below have each achieved a full-game run time of less than an hour – qualifying them for the Super Ball 2022 Open Division!


Super Ball 2022 – Invitational

THIRTEEN entrants have already made their way into the Invitational’s racer pool by achieving a full-game run of under 40 minutes! These racers below will be joined by the top 2 placing Open Division entrants!


Super Ball 2022 – Prizes

The year’s fastest marble competition has GOT to have some fun prizes, right? Right. The Super Ball 2022 prizes will reward players not only for finishing in the top spots, but also for improving their own times, excelling in specific chapters, and for conquering a set of mystery levels. I’m a particular fan of the first prize award!


$5 to anyone who PBs in their race.
$10 to the fastest chapter time in each race.
$10 to the fastest in-game time on 4 mystery levels per race
Cash prizes for the Top 3 finishers of the Invitational from the Prize Pool
Community Spotlight interview in an upcoming newsletter for Top finisher

– The Mystery Levels –

Wave Pool (Ch. 2)
Off Kilter (Ch. 3)
Stayin’ Alive (Ch. 5)
Olympus (Ch. 6)

– Gearing Up –

As we take one last, wistful look at the nice and clean RTA speedrun leaderboard, it’s hard to ignore the incredible push to expend the field of runners since the game’s launch – and over the last year+ especially!

We’ve seen relatively recent world record changes, but an awesome increase in personal best times being posted. PBs improving as recently as TODAY?! Talk about an exciting series of runs. And expect to see a fresh new set of PBs in the leaderboard after this weekend!

We’re pumped to see the brain-busting talent showcase tomorrow and celebrate the passion and determination of the community. Best of luck to everybody in the Super Ball 2022 Open and Invitational!

Wishes of PBs to all from the Marble team!

Marble Collective

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