Super – The Marble It Update!

– February 3 –

That marble saw its shadow this week, which means… something? While we can’t prophesize about the season – we CAN see what lies ahead: Super Ball 2022. It’s rad.

This week, the agenda includes a new challenge, some stellar wave riding, leaderboard updates, an RTA tutorial, and more. If you’re looking t get hyped about the awesomeness of the community – this is the place.

Let’s roll!

– Weekly Challenge: …and Back Again –

Play it back in reverse… there are extra gems there! This week’s challenge flips the script and adds some new gem placements along the way. Time to expand some horizons!

What challenges would you like to see coming up? Any level/challenge combos you’ve been waiting to try but haven’t seen yet? Hit up the #challenges channel and let me know!

Previous Challenges –

– Mega Marble

Totally Tubular
CMurder – 00:13.296

River Vantage
Section – 00:13.007

Koogee Plays – 00:27.710

CMurder – 00:18.593

CMurder – 00:11.365

High Jump-

Onward and Upward
VilleOlof – 00:15.896

Triple Divide
CjhCarter – 00:13.188

Thread the Needle
CjhCarter – 00:20.270

Sun Spire
Koogee Plays – 00:11.738

Centripetal Force
Kryzz – 00:22.076

Need for Speed IL

A whole ton of tiny improvements on each of these levels since last round-up of records. Some real dedication in these here levels! Still working out some bot stuff – Keeper now just talks about the ‘3 laws’. Whatever that is. Let me know if I missed your record in this recap!

Ex Machina
berserk – 00:06.228

Wave Pool
Mazik – 00:06.735

Icy Ascent
boomer – 00:05.902

boomer – 00:15.186

River Vantage
m2k – 00:08.947

Need for Speed RTA –

This week, real time attack runners have been practicing and qualifying for the upcoming Super Ball 2022 event!

In the pursuit of better full-game runs, many runners have improved their times in individual Chapter categories! You can check out the chapter categories here.

A congratulations to anybody improving their PBs or completing their first runs of the full-game Classic category!

– Super Ball 2022 –

The speedrunniest event on the Marble calendar is almost here! Clear your schedules and prepare to roll on Saturday, February 12th!

For all the information on sign-ups and more, check out the pinned posts in #general in the discord – Hatchet’s post here, in particular! We’ve also added an extra prize for the winner of the Invitational: a community spotlight in the newsletter! Time to make some history.

If you’re new to the RTA scene or just want to improve your skills – Agedude, Hyran, and Sevadra has collaborated on a 2-part video tutorial series! Check it out above and maybe you, too, can qualify for the Super Ball 2022 events!

Level Buildings –

The Steam Workshop is on the cusp of 700 items in its catalogue! What an absolutely astonishing amount of content put out into the world by our awesome community authors!

Recent contributing authors include: Daimh, Koogee Plays, Blasted, epliswich, berserk, Mazik, Anson, MrCalligraphy, and Death Pony!

Make sure to check out the workshop here!

Still Rolling

We can’t wait to watch the Super Ball 2022 events on the 12th! It’s an exciting time and all the community creativity, talent, and passion keep our excitement rolling along toward what’s next.

Cheers, and see you next time!

Marble Collective

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