Quick Midwinter – The Marble It Update!

Quick Midwinter
– January 20 –

While snow, cold, and power outages (hello there!) might make a winter feel slow… the Marble It Up! community is here to change that! Full-game runs, new weekly challenges, custom levels on the workshop, new authors, and more goodies await in today’s newsletter – done quick as a flash!

Real Time Attack takes center stage as it gets featured in marathon, has a changing of World Records, and the Super Ball approaches…

If this is what January looks like – we can’t wait for the rest of 2022! Let’s roll!

Weekly Challenge: High Jump

With last week’s brilliant reference out of the way, this week brings another new challenge! This week, we’re stealing the powerups from all maps… and giving you a bigger jump in return! Good deal? It is faster on these maps? We’ll see!

Previous Weekly Challenges

Gems Done Quick
Thread the Needle
CMurder – 00:33.932

Ex Machina
CMurder – 00:06.291

Kryzz – 00:08.132

Platinum Playground
Section – 00:31.557

CjhCarter – 00:23.774

Up the Wall
Snwboardr – 00:03.154

Over the Garden Wall
Snwboardr – 00:07.650

KingOfRain – 00:05.944

CMurder – 00:10.667

Onward and Upward
Snwboardr – 00:04.469

Need for Speed: Individual Levels

Big Easy
boomer – 00:30.475

boomer – 00:15.371

River Vantage
SpKi – 00:09:061

Need for Speed: Real Time Attack

These past two weeks have seen significant series of events in the Classic RTA space! On January 8th, SpKi ran a new world record of 31:43.170. Three days later, while practicing for AGDQ, Hatchet improved on that record and reclaimed the top spot with a run of 31:36.580!

On the 13th, Hatchet (running) and Agedude (commentating) put on a terrific show at Awesome Games Done Quick 2022! You can see the whole run in all its glory above! We also had a watch party in the MIU Discord to cheer it all on with the most people in voice chat yet!

With AGDQ2022 in the rear-view, Super Ball 2022 shifts into focus as the next RTA can’t-miss event! Check out the Discord and keep your eyes peeled as February 12th approaches for all the awesome information!

Custom Levels!

The activity doesn’t stop at the end of the speedruns, either! The Steam Workshop has expanded its roster of authors and levels even further. Recent levels have been authored by these authors (including some first-timers – woo hoo!): eplipswich, Koogee Plays, Sevadra, Hyran, Mazik, and protractr9.

Full Steam Ahead

Mayhem! is still on the way! We’ll keep you in the loop as we get closer. For now, we’ll leave you with one of these pretty new Achievement icons from Todd!

Have a grand Thursday, marblers!

Marble Collective

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