Feeling ’22 – The Marble It Update

Feeling ’22
– January 6 –

I don’t know about you… but I’m feeling 2022 so far! Happy New Year to all of you – we hope the holidays have treated everybody well.

This week, we pick back up with recapping the goings-on of the community and development of the game! We dive into challenges (and award a pair of fletchpoints), check out custom levels, record new records, and wait with electric anticipation for the upcoming speedrun events of the season.

Let’s jump in and get this year started off right!

Weekly Challenge: Bowling

Grab your shoes and Strike while the iron is hot. A spare ain’t bad, either. A retro bowling challenge will do for this week as we ease into the new year. On the topic of oldies…

Congratulations to Hyran and Sevadra on a mint condition fletchpoint each for their responses to last newsletter’s sentence challenge! Yay words!

Weekly Challenge Results

– Fast Forward –
Icy Ascent
Kryzz – 00:08.965

Bumper Invasion
Kryzz – 00:07.003

Retrograde Rally
Kryzz – 00:38.523

CMurder – 00:01.211

Danger Zone
Kryzz – 00:18.816

– Steelie –
boomer – 00:10.907

Kryzz – 00:05.879

Four Stairs
Koogee Plays – 00:15.557

Newton’s Cradle
Kryzz – 00:37.446

Diamond in the Sky
Talvi – 00:48.090

– Powerless –
Full Speed Ahead
Snwboardr – 00:16.472

Sugar Rush
Wazar – 00:15.516

Totally Tubular
Kryzz – 00:19.363

Icy Ascent
Kryzz – 00:28.827

Retrograde Rally
Kryzz – 00:40.965

– Button Masher Redux –
Onward and Upward
CMurder – 00:02.791

Great Wall
Kryzz – 00:14.554

Thread the Needle
CMurder – 00:06.848

River Vantage
m2k – 00:01.879

Stayin’ Alive
Kryzz – 00:03.635

The Need for Speed

Apologies for any missed records; Keeper keeps picking fights with somebody named ‘Ultron’ and getting distracted!

Retrograde Rally
Kryzz – 00:28.763

Diamond in the Sky
UmbraSonset – 00:37.032

River Vantage
m2k – 00:09.068

Crystalline Matrix
boomer – 00:03.407

Great Wall
berserk – 00:14.543

Stayin’ Alive
Hatchet – 00:15.268

Time Capsule
SpKi – 00:03.636

Sun Spire
berserk – 00:40.400

Learning to Roll
boomer – 00:04.927

berserk – 00:03.797

MIU: Classic Real Time Attack

It’s been a big few months for Classic’s Real Time Attack categories – from individual chapter records to improvements on the full-game runs. You can click through the images above to see the chapter leaderboards in addition to the full game leaderboard. You can also see them and the Marble It Up: Mayhem! leaderboards whenever you like at speedrun.com/miu! We’ll give more love to the Mayhem runs in the future, but for now – we’re in Classic mode!

– Playing Games Quickly… –

Resident Classic WR holder, Hatchet, will be showcasing a full-game run of Marble It Up: Classic as part of Awesome Games Done Quick 2022! His run is slated for 3:07 AM (EST) on Friday, January 14th.
The ADGQ 2022 charity marathon begins this upcoming weekend – and you can see the full schedule here! Be sure to check the schedule again closer to Hatchet’s run so you don’t miss it (live events being as flexible as they are, things can run a bit early/late)!

That’s all the RTA news, right? Hah!

– The Super Ball 2022 event approaches! –

The grand speedrun racing event of the year gets even grander on Saturday, February 12th – and even speedrunnier! The community’s upcoming event breaks new ground with:

– A live pre-show from Agedude and Glooten
– The Super Ball Open RTA race for qualifying beginner -> intermediate level runners!
– The Super Ball Invitational RTA race for runners with a <40min personal best (and the top 2 runners of the Open)!
– New prizes that any participant could win!

You can read all the awesome details in a post from Agedude here in the Discord.

Super Ball 2021

Architecture Club

If you’ve yet to try any customs, you’re in for a treat when you open the Steam Workshop and find nearly 700 community-made levels! Make sure to check out VilleOlof’s intensive remake of the first world from Mario’s most recent Odyssey – it’s wild!

Recent additions to the ever-growing catalogue have come from the following authors: SpaceKitty, ChunkNola, Hyran, Umbrasonset, J2_2, Villeolof, Daimh, SpaceTaco, Snwboardr, and Koogee Plays.

There’s also a brand-new challenge posed by ChunkNola in #custom-levels – go check it out!

Beta Update

This week, we’ve updated the Steam Beta build! You can find all the updated items in the Discord here. Make sure to check the pinned messages in the #beta-steam channel in case you need a refresher on swapping to the beta branch.

Primarily, this beta update is to help facilitate bug fixes across ALL the in-development platforms (woo hoo!). We’ll keep you updated as more changes and updates are applied to the beta branch. Progress, progress, progress!

That’s going to do it for our first newsletter of 2022! Welcome back, thanks for reading, and happy rolling.

Here’s to a fun year ahead!

Marble Collective

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