Winter – The Marble It Update!

– December 8 –

Dearest Reader,

As the cold winter knocks at my door, I find it imperative I recount the events of weeks’ past. The items of note are as follows: records upon records have been shattered in the pursuit of perfection, challenges have been surmounted week by week with ease, cartographers pull from the deep wells of creativity, and on and on.

At the first, allow my tales to start with the freshest fallen snow. So begins this wintr’y round up.

Weekly Challenge: Button Masher Redux

The wrist-wracking work begins, this week, to cement one’s name in the glorious histogram. It is quite the button-pressing matter, indeed, to best the times of other challengers in this week’s coterie of levels.

To add an extra spin: fletchpoints shall be awarded to the best-crafted single sentences that use all of this challenge’s level names. (The level titles need not be in sequence, but every word must be present. IE, you may separate River and Vantage. Please post entries in #challenges and mark them with the :miu_timetravel: emote).

Previous Challenge Winners

Behold these three casts of challenge champions! A diverse collection in platform and name, these players showed strength against the adversity of Ground, Air, and Space Control.

Dark Side of the Moon

boomer – 00:12.257

Big Easy
boomer – 00:33.107

CMurder – 00:37.265

Kryzz – 00:16.861

vqcwxyuon – 02:06.116

Air Control

Onward and Upward
CMurder – 00:03.128

Totally Tubular
AGEdude – 00:07.531

Newton’s Cradle
Kryzz – 00:07.423

EMF reader – 00:03.174

Platinum Playground
Sevadra – 00:19.867

Ground Control II

Section – 00:32.141

CMurder – 00:09.033

Bumper Invasion
Snwboardr – 00:20.489

CMurder – 00:20.529

Diamond in the Sky
CMurder – 00:42.087

The Need for Speed

The celestial equation of time and effort continues as once-strong records crumble in the crucible of competition. These temporal tugs-of-war span multiple venues, with Newton’s Cradle and Contraption being the more recent arenas.

The realm of Real-Time sees movement as well – the current full game classic leaderboard and chapter leaders on display below.

Crystalline Matrix
boomer – 00:03.421

Newton’s Cradle
SpKi – 00:17.888

Hatchet – 00:03.784

Cartography, Customized

With evolved ink and quill, these map-makers show their talent and skill in so old an artform. These works above of Eplipswich, SpaceTaco, Daimh, Three, and many more can be found at this archive of custom cartography.

Aspiring map-makers can study the art in #level-building in the Discord.

From Anson, the Winter Wizard

Snow Place Like Snowme

Chronicling the past is one lovely endeavor – preparing for the future, another. Awaiting the thaw of a new year, we look ahead to showcases of map authors and their craft, examples of Quickness from a sharp and trusty Hatchet, the celebrations of a Superball champion, and so much more.

More consoling news to come, in the nebulous frigid future, of Mayhem and Marbles.

A continued Happy Holiday season to you all. Stay warm out there. And roll some Marbles!

Marble Collective

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