Customary – The Marble It Update!

– November 17 –

Go grocery shopping and get your bags packed for the holiday season, folks! Our team is hard at work on tasks for the Mayhem! update and console releases. We’re also getting ready to enjoy the holidays, recharge, and come back refreshed and ready to continue taming the development beast. We’ll save some biscuits and turkey to feed the development beast, as well…

This week brings new records, and old-school challenge, info about an upcoming custom level type of post, and more. Time to roll!

Weekly Challenge: Ground Control II

A throwback to the best-fitting challenge title for the Major Tom joke. Traction and gravity keep us a bit grounded in this challenge, but power-ups and downward slopes save the day.

We’ll see if our challengers’ skills have aged better or worse than this olde joke.

Last Week’s Challenge: Moon Walk

Off Kilter
Kryzz – 00:14.483

Dire Straits
m2k – 00:19.484

Crystalline Matrix
Hyran – 00:04.498

Warp Core
Kryzz – 00:34.834

Danger Zone
Kryzz – 00:24.983

Need for Speed

We’ve seen improvements recently to a pair of early-game level WRs! We’ve also seen new Classic Chapter RTA records from Hatchet (Chapter 6 – 9:18.430) and spacekitty (Chapter 3 – 3:18.200). Full game Classic RTA has also seen a bit of action, as you can see below.

Learning to Roll
boomer – 00:04.927

Learning to Jump
Pinguin – 00:06.287

Dedicated Custom Round-Up Post

It’s a testament to the creativity of the community that there are new and exciting maps rolling into the workshop all the time! We’re inching our way toward a staggering 700 items in the workshop. This week, take a gander at two recent levels: Square Galaxy by Glacier_Husky (above) and Heavy Lift by Blasted (below)!

With the amount of work put into levels, it seems right to deliberately show off the custom work/authors where we can. So, if you’re a level-builder or level-builder with something in the works, maybe be thinking about what levels of yours you might want to see featured in a dedicated custom post (or series of posts) starting in the new year!

Keep an ear to the ground for more details/discussion on these Author Gallery posts and their formatting!

That’s all for today’s post and we’ll be back with a newsletter after (US) Thanksgiving!

Cheers and happy rolling, marblers!

Marble Collective

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