March Marbles – The Marble It Update!

March Marbles
– March 3 –

It’s a lighter newsletter recap this week – after all the speed and excitement of February, we’re starting off March at a nice, relaxed pace.
In this newsletter, we try a new Beach Ball challenge (with some new ideas percolating in the background), take a gander at previous challenges (a sweep included!), get impressed by a smattering of new level WRs, celebrate more custom level catalogue expansion, and resolve the masterful foreshadowing of last newsletter.

Come stroll with us into March!

Weekly Challenge: Beach Ball

This week, we try some new Beach Ball combos! Thanks to some discussion in #challenges for the boost and some interesting ideas floating around!

If you have challenge combos you’d like to see, or levels you’re itching to see modifiers on – let us know in the Discord!

Bonus points for using the beach ball marble!

Previous Challenges

We saw a Moon Walk sweep from m2k!

– Ground Control –

Totally Tubular
UmbraSonset – 16.4074

CMurder – 26.4773

boomer – 13.1451

Warp Core
berserk – 29.5943

Platinum Playground
KingOfRain – 42.9833

– Moon Walk –

Big Easy
m2k – 32.6751

Thread the Needle
m2k – 28.4043

m2k – 15.7567

Ex Machina
m2k – 18.0683

Uphill Both Ways
m2k – 38.364

The Need for Speed

Up The Wall
m2k – 2.4946

Full Speed Ahead
Hyran – 6.1394

Precious Gems
boomer – 13.9194

Totally Tubular
berserk – 11.5184

berserk – 3.7825

Wave Pool
Mazik – 6.6961

Hatchet – 1:13.5814

Stay Frosty
boomer – 10.1652

Cog Valley
m2k – 11.0522

– Real-Time –

We’ve seen a few new PBs make it on the leaderboard below since the Super Ball 2022 events! We’ve also seen some movements on the individual chapter leaderboards (grouped here)!

Custom Level Catalogue

This last week, the Steam Workshop series of custom community levels expanded to nearly 720 items! This vast catalogue consists of original pieces, remixes of existing levels, modified gameplay, and a few jokes here and there.

Recent additions to this catalogue have come from these authors: Glacier_Husky, VilleOlof, Hyran, berserk, boomer, WhiskyMancer, Koogee Plays, Sevadra, SpaceKitty, UmbraSonset!

As always, you can check out all the recent additions in the Marble It Up! Steam Workshop – and don’t forget to rate your favorite levels!

– In Other News –

In the last newsletter, we hid some cryptic and totally impossible clues as to the future of robotics and our Discord server. (audible gasp)

If – by some miracle – you were able to decode last newsletter’s clues, you’d be able to guess that the bot, Beeper, is coming to the server! We’ll be looking to add it early next week, so be on the look out for a new robot in town. Thanks to VilleOlof and TalentedPlatinum!

Thanks for reading, and have a great March!

Marble Collective

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