!RoundUp – The Marble It Update

– March 17 –

In this week’s round-up, we catch some brand new level WRs, a new challenge set appears, the custom level catalogue continues to grow, and more!

We start off with the newsletter welcome to the bot, Beeper! You can use Beeper in the #bot-commands channel of the Discord (learn the commands by posting !help in the channel, or check the pinned message). Beeper will collect and post new world records, custom levels, and weekly challenges in their respective channels – but can also provide individual information about records and leaderboards when prompted!

Go go gadget – !top 20 Radius

Weekly Challenge: Follow the Path

Get ready to focus them checkpoints! Winding levels double down on the paths, while other levels require an extra hint of precision or routing. Who can follow the path best? We’ll keep our eyes open…

This is the Path, Marblorian (enter copyright clean theme music)

Previous Challenges

Button Masher Redux –

Precious Gems
CMurder – 12.75577

CMurder – 6.355044

Off Kilter
CMurder – 11.7627

Bumper Invasion
Kryzz – 11.02232

CMurder – 12.23288

Beach Ball –

Learning to Jump
UmbraSonset – 6.889089

Elevator Action
josh421789 – 18.36209

Sun Spire
m2k – 7.392704

The Pit of Despair
Hyran – 2.867359

UmbraSonset – 15.29089

Need for Speed

Diamond in the Sky
boomer – 36.94913

Centripetal Force
berserk – 8.857611

berserk – 3.777701

Full Speed Ahead
m2k – 6.135916

Up the Wall
boomer – 2.490493

Elevator Action
berserk – 17.18693

Learning to Jump
m2k – 6.272666

There are also a couple of recent improvements to the RTA leaderboard! Yay for PBs!

Custom Levels

The recent additions to the custom catalogue include a lot of remixes and homages, with several brand new originals mixed in! To dive a bit deeper into the level-building process, VilleOlof recorded a timelapse of the making of Azure Athletics below!

Recent additions to the custom catalogue have come from these authors: VilleOlof, CjhCarter, Blasted, Spacekitty, NateSquared, Sevadra, and Glacier_Husky.

Rolling Forward

The newsletter presses will be quiet next week due to travel, but I’ll still be around in the Discord to read as much of the in-depth discussions as possible (shout out to the 30-page documents out there)!

Thanks for reading and rolling!

Marble Collective

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