Earth Day – The Marble It Update!

Earth Day
– April 22 –

Happy Earth Day from the Marble Collective!
Small update this week – Keeper (our discord bot) now reports times to another decimal.
Bigger update this week – Mega Marble is back, as a challenge.
Do these balance out to a medium-sized update? Who’s to say?
All I know is: it’s high time for a newsletter! And a brief look at some upcoming Mayhem! changes.

New Challenge: Mega Marble III

This week, go big and stay home! Will Mega Marble be victorious? This week’s challenge focuses on knowing when to pump the brakes! Inertia will be your best friend this week – and maybe your worst enemy… good luck!

Last Week’s Challenge: High Jump IV

Check out these times from last week’s challenge – now with a shiny new decimal place! Ah – it’s the small things, ain’t it?

snwboardr1987 – 00:06.244

Four Stairs
snwboardr1987 – 00:16.790

Cog Valley
snwboardr1987 – 00:09.386

I AM GreeD – 00:24.863

Flip the Table
Switch: ChAoS – 00:25.722

A Touch of Mayhem!

With the next content update for Marble It Up: Mayhem! speeding along – why don’t we show off more of what you can expect? In the jam-packed image below, you’ll see several changes big and small:

Touch UI and Controls – These have been greatly improved – not only will you be able to see the directions and input beneath the marble itself, but the responsiveness and behavior of the control pad has been overhauled. You’ll immediately feel a difference when you get your hands on it!

Pause/Scoreboard/Score Widget – We’ve rolled “Pause” into a new settings button in the top left corner, along with the scoreboard button (the scoreboard is now revamped, too!). The score widget underneath the timer has also been improved and cleaned up!

Ice. In. Multiplayer. – It’s cool. Slick. Whichever positive ice-related word you can think of.

Visual Improvements“A 3D game, running this smoothly and looking this good… on my phone!?” – Yup. Well said, paraphrased future player – they should put that quote in the newsletter!

The Blue Marble sure is nice, huh.
We’ll see you next week!

Marble Collective

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