The Crown – The Marble It Update!

The Crown
– April 29 –

An awesome challenge returns, we get an early look at a crown, and we await the release of The Competitive Update! Let’s roll into this week’s Marble It Update Newsletter!

Weekly Challenge: Follow the Path II

This week: GEMS – GEMS on the Checkpoints! Thought you’d like to know…
It’s a collect-a-thon as we add gems to spice up the path-finding and throw a wrench into your well-practiced shortcuts! Muahaha.

Last Week’s Challenge: Mega Marble III

snwboardr1987 – 00:05.890

Off Kilter
snwboardr1987 – 00:12.993

Retrograde Rally
snwboardr1987 – 00:30.527

Newton’s Cradle
snwboardr1987 – 00:30.725

david.c.hagglund – 00:10.660

A Crown Worth Stealing

Here’s an early look at the crown for the Steal the Crown multiplayer game mode! We’ll show off more as this crown is further forged, but you can expect to wear it in the future – and most likely have it stolen immediately in multiplayer! This crown won’t be part of the impending Arcade update, but look for some coronation later on!

The Competitive Update – Marble It Up: Mayhem!

In The Competitive Update, coming soon, we’ve focused on bringing Weekly Challenges, Multiplayer Improvements and Modes (and TEAMS!), and oh so much more to Marble It Up: Mayhem! on Apple Arcade. Compete with your Multiplayer skill AND your Single-player skill. The update has got a little something for everyone.

Last week, we talked about some of the quality-of-life and UI improvements coming in the update. We’re lowering some friction points, making controls smoother, improving some menuing – you know… it’s hard for me not to say ‘the game just feels amazing’ but man, oh man… the game just feels amazing.

You can expect a full post about the update with more details when the update drops. Coming soon!

More Competitive Update preview content next week. Until then, keep on rolling on!

Marble Collective

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