Calm – The Marble It Update!

– May 6 –

Calm before the storm! The Competitive Update is right around the corner – so we’ve got a quick short update for you this week!

Weekly Challenge: Superball!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no it’s Superball! Leap… about a third higher! Bounce harder! Add some friction to your diet! These levels are a hoot – go give them a try this week.

Last Week’s Challenge: Follow the Path II

This week, Wo0dY holds back a CMurder challenge sweep. A sentence you’ll only see in the world of Marble It Up!

CMurder – 00:20.027

Bumper Invasion
Wo0dY – 00:23.363

Crystalline Matrix
CMurder – 00:14.939

Danger Zone
CMurder – 00:45.372

Diamond in the Sky
CMurder – 00:49.539

World Records!

Our Discord bot, Keeper, returns from a speedrun vacation!

Icy Ascent
Pinguin – 00:06.150

Thread the Needle
Hatchet – 00:31.453

Return of the King

Here’s a look at last week’s new crown in motion! We’re still playing around with how to use the power of the crown… looks pretty heavy, doesn’t it? We might need more Marble lore here as well…?

Like we said above, The Competitive Update is coming soon to Apple Arcade – be on the look out for a post when it drops!

Until we roll again…

Marble Collective

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