MIU: Mayhem! – The Competitive Update, now on Apple Arcade!

Marble It Up: Mayhem! – The Competitive Update

Our first major update to Marble It Up: Mayhem! rolls onto Apple Arcade – and it’s available now! This update is jam-packed with content, cosmetics, challenges, chapters, and more. Let’s see what’s new!


New Mode: Team Gem Hunt – Work together with your team to grab gems and deny them from the other team. It’s a simple, fast, and furious gem-collecting frenzy! Classic.

New Mode: Zombies – Evade Zombified Marbles for as long as possible… or become a Zombie if caught! Zombified players are fast and if they hit you with blast – AAAAAAAAAGH!

New Maps: Pythagoras , Frostbite, and Nexus join the multiplayer map ranks!

Overall Improvements: Introducing a Game of the Day playlist – don’t know what to play? We’ve got you covered! Multiplayer connectivity has been greatly improved. You can now tap on a room code (now found on the leaderboard) to copy it for easy sharing!

Single-Player & Cosmetics

New Chapter: The difficult Chapter 6 joins the Mayhem Arc – and it brings a brand new chapter select menu with it!

Bonus Chapters: We’re introducing Bonus Chapters! You’ll have to unlock them with skillful play in the main chapters – but oh what MIU classics you’ll find!

Hats. Hats? Hats!: Headphones? Traffic cones? Banana peels? Show off your skill and further customize your marble with Hats! We’ve also included some fantastic new spell-binding trails to unlock. Marbles have never been so dressed up!

Weekly Challenges

Challenge Modifiers: We’re bringing Weekly Challenges to Mayhem! Each week, in a new playlist, a selection of levels will have special modifiers on them. Low gravity? Tiny marble? Triple jump height? There are so many modifiers!

Blast!: We’ve added brand new modifiers, but Blast takes the cake in the impact (and nostalgia) department! Be on the look out for this very special modifier!

Rewards: Compete each week to earn rewards and see where you place among other Challengers! Don’t worry – rewards are tied to your own personal completions, so you can play your favorite challenges and never miss out!

Controls & UI

Touch Controls: We’ve improved the responsiveness of the touch movement and camera control. A compass appears underneath your marble – so you always know which way your input is pushing the marble. You’ll feel a difference, and if the controls aren’t quite the right fit – we have the Edit Touch Controls feature in the settings menu as well!

UI: Along with the new Chapter Select, the Main Menu has also been revamped! Multiplayer UI and leaderboards have been streamlined and include more info on game types, rules, scores, and more! You’ll also notice many smaller tweaks as you play – so keep an eye out.

We couldn’t be more excited about this update – and we can’t wait to play online with all of our amazing and dedicated players!

Click the Icon below and play The Competitive Update today!


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