Cake and Chronicles – The Marble It Update!

Cake and Chronicles
– September 29 –

Happy Birthday, Marble It Up! On this day, three years ago, players got to experience MIU for the first time! While the past years have been full of journeys both expected and unexpected, we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the enthusiasm and dedication of the community.

Community has been an integral pillar to the life of this game both pre and post-launch. Custom levels, feedback, discussion, competition, and the overall passion for the game have kept it all rolling for years.

And while we continue to work to improve the game and prepare for the release of Mayhem, it’s also nice to take a quick breath and reflect.

This week, enjoying the work of one Agedude, we get to do just that! Swapping order around a bit, we start this week’s newsletter off on the topic of Speedrun history and go from there.

Oh – and there’s cake at the end, too. Happy three years, folks!

Agedude the Chronicler

This week, Agedude has published an in-depth look at MIU speedrun shortcuts, their histories, and their impacts on the game over its now 3-year lifetime.

Sit back, relax, and maybe take a few notes – this is one for the ages!

The Need for Speed, Historic!

It has been quite the series of weeks recently in RTA and IL speedrunning for Marble it Up: Classic! and Marble It Up: Mayhem!

In addition to the individual level records below – be sure to check out the all levels Mayhem run from Sevadra and the legendary sub-33-minute Classic RTA record from Hatchet!

Totally Tubular
berserk – 00:11.524

Learning to Roll
boomer – 00:04.928

Retrograde Rally
Kryzz – 00:29.227

Learning to Jump
UmbraSonset – 00:06.357

Hatchet – 00:03.861

Weekly Challenge: High Jump

This week’s challenge is a hop in the park! Or is it? Vertigo is the standout this week – though some endurance will go far in high jumps on Olympus!

Like some kind of Olympic High Jump, maybe? Good luck this week!

Last Week’s Challenge: Follow the Path

Last week had a sweep on Switch from Gazriel!

Icy Ascent
Snwboardr – 00:07.356

Snwboardr – 00:19.821

Totally Tubular
CMurder – 00:13.185

Ex Machina
CMurder – 00:11.331

Snwboardr – 00:23.425

Previous Weekly Challenge: Double Jump

Stay Frosty
Section – 00:09.823

Great Wall
CMurder – 00:14.443

LeoDeo – 00:06.384

Retrograde Rally
AndyC – 00:33.938

Centripetal Force
CMurder – 00:09.289


Calling it a ‘workshop’ sounds so odd when it looks like so much fun to create these maps! This week sees maps from berserk, MrCalligraphy, and Hyran! The total item count in the workshop has risen above 650 – when reflecting on Steam workshop support over the last years… pretty darn easy to call that a win!


Thanks for joining us this week and for playing with marbles. We’re entering a new phase of Mayhem adjustments, so we’re hoping to start having some more Beta changes to shake things up a bit. No timeline yet, but things are indeed rolling along.

We’re also going to be asking for specific feedback regarding difficulty/medal times and such, so be on the look out in the Discord beta channel for that.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for playing. Thanks for rolling.
Happy Three Years!

Marble Collective

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